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The Beefboy is Worldwide Baby!

The Beefboy and Toxic Goddess Aello

The Beefboy and Toxic Goddess Aello

The last few days The Beefboy Rants has absolutely exploded! We’ve gotten four times the usual visitors for the site, double the number of hits and triple the number of page views, so thank you very much Beefanatics!

I think it’s important to note what a worldwide audience I have as well. America makes up about a third of my visitors. English speaking countries including the U.K., Australia and Canada make up another third. That means that countries like South Africa, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, France, Ukraine, China and more… up to well over one hundred nations… all are visiting the Beefboy Rants daily!

That means that my views are getting out to an ever-growing audience of Beefanatics from around the world! Some people may be hearing the raw truth for the first time ever. Welcome! Lend the Beefboy your eyes and ears and I’ll show you things you’ve never seen or heard before!

This is a revolution. The Beefboy Revolution. Pick up your mouse and join me!

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