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I’m Such A Nerd with Katrina Bowden (Video)

Caprica’s Alessandra Terressani as Slave Girl Leia in Video

How much Geekdom can you cram in one video? Find out by watching the video below. You know what?… Screw that! Just watch it to see Caprica’s Alessandra Torressani in a Princess Leia slave outfit!

Hot Chick Dances to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast Bumper Music

Is there anyone out there besides the Beefboy who stayed up late in the 90′s and listened to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio show? Ghosts, aliens, vampires and general weirdness filled the airwaves and the song in this video kicked it off every night. While searching for that Cusco music The Beefboy ran into this video… and I think it speaks for itself.

Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman in new Video

Below is a video showing the Beefboy’s favorite Russian spy Anna Chapman in a new video of a photo shoot for a Russian magazine. You can see the article here, but good luck reading it… unless you’re fluent in Russian… maybe I should look into that… Russian chicks are HOT!

Also in Anna Chapman news, Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film company, has offered the Russian Spy Anna Chapman a movie deal. No word on whether or not she has accepted a deal with Vivid. According to that company, she is ‘the hottest spy we’ve seen in years and clearly the media’s favorite’. Vivid Entertainment’s founder Steven Hirsch says that even though she wasn’t successful as a spy, she certainly could have a future in adult entertainment.

Count the Beefboy as VERY INTERESTED in Vivid’s offer…

Super Sexy Alex Sim-Wise Visits NAMM 2010 (Video)

If you know the Beefboy then you know that I’m all about the scrumptious Alex Sim-Wise! Well, she recently showed up on a segment of Attack with the Show and you can watch that below.

Victoria’s Secret Ad from Director Michael Bay (Video)


I have to laugh a bit when I watch this Victoria’s Secret ad from Transformers Director Michael Bay. I mean, it wouldn’t be Michael Bay if it didn’t have fucking helicopters and explosions right?

Let the Beefboy do a Victoria’s Secret ad and I’ll get the heart of the matter! I promise you there won’t be any time for helicopters…

Who’s ready for the after-shoot party?

Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Carl’s Jr. Video

It’s not as good as Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. ad, but Kim Kardashian sure makes the Beefboy consider eating a salad!

Sexy alt model Nina Kate in a neon-themed shoot for Bizarre Magazine (Video)

Bizarre Magazine has always been a favorite of the Beefboy’s and this shoot of Nina Kate is a good example why!

Undress Jess Booty Shaking Video!

Hey Beefanatics! I’ve been talking to and following the smokin’ hot Undress Jess for a while and had to share this booty shakin’ video with you all. She’s all over the place, so when you run into her, tell her the Beefboy sent you! Maybe she’ll do something special for you guys and let me post it here.

Ghostface Killah Stapleton Sex BDSM Video (NSFW)

My buddy Robert called me up to tell me about this new video Beefanatics. He said it was right up my alley, and guess what?… it is.

Maybe it’s up your alley too. This is not for the kiddies. Hell, it’s not for most adults!

Alex Sim-Wise Nude Video

alex-sim-wiseIf you’ve been following the Beefboy for a while then you know that I have two models that rank at the top of my list (and who need to dump their respective zeros and get with the Beef hero)! One of those models is the lovely and talented (and kinky and geeky) Adrianne Curry. The other is the outrageously hot (and funny and geeky) Alex Sim-Wise.

So, I am proud to bring you the first of three promotional videos from Mac and Bumble, featuring none other than dreamgirl Alex Sim-Wise, showing at least one reason why she’s at the top of the pack.

Click here to download Alex Sim-Wise Video.

You can see much much more of her at Mac and Bumble site who were gracious enough to give this video to us.

What do you think about Alex?

(Video) Bikini Barista Girls Put on Nude Show

Look, I don’t see what the problem is here. You can get a whip cream show AND a cappuccino in the same place?!! These girls shouldn’t be fined, they should get the fucking Nobel Peace Prize!

At least this place justifies the cost of a double latte!


Make the Girl Dance – “Baby Baby Baby”

Remember when music videos didn’t suck? Well, this one doesn’t suck. The Beefboy gives you “Baby Baby Baby” by Make the Girl Dance.

It’s in French… I’m sure you won’t mind.

Daniel Hannan Lays the Smackdown on the British Prime Minister!


British Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan is kicking a lot of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s ass in this YouTube video! If you haven’t taken the time to watch this video, I’d suggest checking it out. Everything he says in this video could be said directly to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and Barney “the Hutt” Frank!

Any chance we can get this guy to run for office in America?

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