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Clone Wars Restoring the Force to the Star Wars Universe


Last night’s second episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars made me feel like I was seven years old again. If seeing Obi Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu kicking ass together doesn’t stir something within you then you’re either not a Star Wars fan or you don’t have a pulse. The finale of the episode complete with saving babies while a secret base crumbles into lava is the culmination of everything that George Lucas intended back when he created Star Wars as a modern version of the Flash Gordon serials.

Clone Wars is so good that it threatens to overshadow the source material it was pulled from in the first place. It’s easily better than the recent trilogy of movies. The aging Star Wars universe is experiencing a small bit of revitalization through this animated series. Lucas would be wise to take that momentum and do the same thing that saved Roddenberry’s universe… hand over the keys to the kingdom.

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