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The Super Hot Ass of Fitness Model Ksztaltne Cialto (Photos)

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information on European Fitness Model Ksztaltne Cialto. What I have is that bare scraps of information and the photos below… but WHAT PHOTOS! Most of the people who have seen these sexy shots of Cialto first ask, “Is that real?” Oh, it’s real alright and concrete evidence of the existence of a higher power, as far as the Beefboy is concerned.

I found her through a Twitter post from my buddy Couch Pirate Scott (@FatFinley). Couch Pirate Jake (@CouchPirateJake) and I went nuts about her and put out a search for her name through the Couch Pirates Site and Twitter. @Dulacc had the answer for us!

So, here’s the photos of Ksztaltne Cialto. You’re welcome.

If you have any more information of her… or contact information… or gasp… MORE PHOTOS… then please get in touch with me here or leave info on the comments below.

New Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki Paliki Sexy Photos

Sexy Adrianne Palicki has been named to play Wonder Woman in the new David E. Kelly series. She’s got serious geek street cred, with appearances in “Legion”, “Supernatural”, “Smallville”, and even “Titan Maximum” and “Robot Chicken’s Star Wars Episodes”! The sci-fi hottie has a chance to be nerd royalty by playing “Wonder Woman” though, and thank God, they at least got someone tall (Palicki is listed at 5’11″)!

Below are some photos, most of them are sexy and some even have some implied nudity. As a bonus, several PhotoShop jockeys have done some handy artwork to see what she would look like in various Wonder Woman outfits, although The Beefboy suspects that they will have a costume that looks more like DC’s horrible re-imagining rather than an update of the Lynda Carter stunner (ahhh… Lynda Carter).

And yes, Adrianne Palicki is naturally The Beefboy’s Chick of the Moment!

Anna Chapman – From Russia With Love (Photos)

As soon as it began, it was all over. The FBI arrested ten Russian spies, and among them a hot kinky redhead named Anna Chapman. Barely a week later, Chapman (who is really named Anya Kushchenko) got on a jet for Austria and was swapped for four spies who had given information to United States and British Intelligence.

Frankly, if you look at what we got, I say we got the raw end of the deal! Hot kinky redheads are a valuable commodity! How the hell do you swap Anna Chapman (and nine others) for four ugly Russian dudes? We got screwed!

The Beefboy wants Anna back! I promise to make her pay for all her sins (and she’ll love every second of it)! If you doubt me, check out the photos below.

Stargate Universe Stunner Elyse Levesque Photos

Canadian born hottie Elyse Levesque is best known for playing Chloe Armstrong in the TV series Stargate Universe. She has a serious list of horror and sci-fi credits before Stargate, including “Masters of Horror”, “Flash Gordon” (the new one that sucked balls) and “Smallville”.

Here’s her Facebook fan page.

Maxim magazine has had two series of photos with her (check out their site for all the photos) and Steppin’ Out magazine, which I’ve never heard of before, had a cover with Elyse and fellow Stargate Universe castmate Alaina Huffman (not a bad pair)!

Photos below… tell the Beefboy what you think!

Hot Photo Gallery of Tiger Wood’s Reported Mistresses

Look, this is not a hard news site and I don’t have a staff of one hundred reporters to keep up with all of Tiger Woods’ alleged flings. Frankly three more have come forward since I started compiling photos, so at this time the number is SIX! At this point it might be easier to make a gallery of chicks who DIDN’T sleep with Tiger, than those who did. In fact, if you have a vagina and Tiger didn’t hit on you, then you should be upset.

Let the Beefboy make a few observations. I’ve heard a lot of people who admire Tiger for his image and accomplishments (I’m one of them) who say this is no one’s business. I think it’s interesting that this is the first time I’ve heard these people complain about being in the middle of someone’s private business. If it’s okay to be in Britney Spears personal life, or Michael Jackson’s… then guess what?… it’s okay to be in Tiger’s too.

The bottom line is very simple Beefanatics. If Tiger had not been married he could have stuck his Fairway Wood in anyone he wanted- and more power to him! But instead, he chose to marry an outrageously hot Scandinavian super model and have a kid. I just can’t manage to feel sorry for someone who had that and felt that his marriage vows and the well-being of his child were secondary to his wiener.

I don’t care how much you like this guy or respect him for what he’s done. Cheating is cheating. Done and done.

Now, with all that said, Tiger’s rogues gallery is an impressive collection of hot-ass chicks! I wouldn’t be embarrassed if this crowd of honeys lined up to say they had slept with me! I imagine most guys would feel the same way.

These girls will all seek fame and fortune from this scandal. Out of all the girls, Rachel Uchitel and Jaimee Grubbs are well positioned to blow up. Grubbs in particular has some nude photos and a sex tape that the internet is waiting on. Only time will tell.

So, here’s the list of girls, in no particular order:

Rachel Uchitel
Jaimee Grubbs
Cori Rist
Kalika Moquin
Jamie Jungers
Mindy Lawton

Photos are below:

Dita Von Teese in Sexy New Wonderbra Photos

Dita Von Teese proves why she’s still one of the hottest chicks on the planet with a new line of lingerie from Wonderbra. I’ve got a bunch of photos from the new collection, but frankly you should go visit the Dita Von Teese Wonderbra site because they have wallpapers, and music and an iPhone app, and honestly, some smokin’ hot lingerie!

Photos copyright Wonderbra. Enjoy.

Chick of the Moment: Tila Tequila Needs Your Support

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila is in the news for all the wrong reasons right now (through no fault of her own). Well, the Beefboy hates to see anyone that hot in distress, so I’m encouraging the Beefanatics to go visit her sites and show her some support. If you’re not familiar with Tila, then first, turn off the NASCAR channel and get a life, and next check her out on her own personal site and her MySpace page where she became famous in the first place (an MTV dating series didn’t hurt her popularity either).

Tila Tequila’s sites and some photos are below.

Tila Tequila’s Hot Spot
Tila Tequila’s MySpace Page

Megan Fox Sexy Nude Naked Photos Pictures

megan_foxWith this post I’m moving Megan Fox into the Beefboy Pantheon beside Rose McGowan, Adrianne Curry and Alex Sim Wise. Largely known for her appearance in the Transformers movie, Megan Fox is going to explode (as am I) over the next year with a Transformers sequel, Jonah Hex, Ironclad, Jennifer’s Body, The Crossing and Passion Plays and a rumored Fathom movie. The point is… Hollywood can’t get enough of Megan Fox and neither can the Beefboy.

Megan Fox loves the camera and the camera loves her, so there’s a lot of photos out there. This is not every photo of Megan Fox by a long shot, these are just the BEST photos of Megan Fox available right now, including some nude photos on a set where only make-up covers her naughty bits.

Rest assured, the Beefboy will be keeping up with the photo series that are out there in the future and posting those as well.

Hannah Spearritt Spearitt Spearrit Sexy Photos

hannah_spearrittI’m shocked and saddened by the lack of decent photos of Hannah Spearritt from the BBC series Primevel (now running on America’s Sci-Fi Channel). Since Hannah has also been a pop star and in movies (Cody Banks), and she’s combines super hotness with girl next door cuteness, I couldn’t tell you why the photos of her are lame and poor quality. It just doesn’t make much sense. I guess we’re looking at a slow transformation from being a teen idol to being a young woman. I will expect to see hotter photos in the near future (hey Billie Piper sure upped her game, I’m sure Hannah Spearritt will too).

Until then, the best photos available are posted below. Plus I have a good clip from Primevel that will probably demonstrate to you why she caught my attention in the first place.

Alex Sim-Wise

sim-wiseI ran into Alex Sim-Wise on MySpace and instantly fell in love with her. She’s a bit of an internet sensation, with a huge fan following, a regular column in Front magazine and a show called “In Bed with Sim-Wise” for Sumo.tv. The bottom line is that she’s a rare combination of stunningly gorgeous, mixed with an amazing off-beat personality and a penchant for self-deprecating humor.

Frankly, Sim-Wise could vie for the Beefboy’s favorite celebrity (over current favorite Adrianne Curry) if I only knew she was into bondage or something kinky. Until I know for sure, the debate lives on!

No matter how you slice it, Sim-Wise is a world class hottie!

I want to do my part to make her as big as possible. If you run into her, tell her that you heard about her through the Beefboy!

Sim-Wise Myspace Page
In Bed with Sim-Wise
Sim-Wise Showreel
Sim Wise Merch
Sim-Wise on Twitter

Summer Glau Hot Photos


Summer Glau has made a career out of sci-fi and the Beefboy is down with that! She’s been in Firefly and the movie Serenity, but her break out role is clearly as the Terminator Cameron, in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Here’s some of Summer’s best photos available on the web.

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