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The Super Hot Ass of Fitness Model Ksztaltne Cialto (Photos)

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information on European Fitness Model Ksztaltne Cialto. What I have is that bare scraps of information and the photos below… but WHAT PHOTOS! Most of the people who have seen these sexy shots of Cialto first ask, “Is that real?” Oh, it’s real alright and concrete evidence of the existence of a higher power, as far as the Beefboy is concerned.

I found her through a Twitter post from my buddy Couch Pirate Scott (@FatFinley). Couch Pirate Jake (@CouchPirateJake) and I went nuts about her and put out a search for her name through the Couch Pirates Site and Twitter. @Dulacc had the answer for us!

So, here’s the photos of Ksztaltne Cialto. You’re welcome.

If you have any more information of her… or contact information… or gasp… MORE PHOTOS… then please get in touch with me here or leave info on the comments below.

Obama Checks Out 16 Year-Old’s Ass


Above is a photo of President Barack Obama and President Nicolas Sarkozy checking out the ass of a passing 16 year-old representative from Brazil. The girl, whose name is Mayara Tavares is undoubtedly going to be at the center of an international media storm, because any woman whose ass can catch the attention of two such prominent leaders is due some recognition.

ABC News is quick to defend Obama and if you watch the video there is some debate on his involvement. However, I’d respect him more if I knew he was just a normal red-blooded American male, who took a peek.

Be honest, you just checked her out yourself!

Thanks to Ryan at work for getting this to me.

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