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Super Sexy Alex Sim-Wise Visits NAMM 2010 (Video)

If you know the Beefboy then you know that I’m all about the scrumptious Alex Sim-Wise! Well, she recently showed up on a segment of Attack with the Show and you can watch that below.

Alex Sim-Wise Nude Video

alex-sim-wiseIf you’ve been following the Beefboy for a while then you know that I have two models that rank at the top of my list (and who need to dump their respective zeros and get with the Beef hero)! One of those models is the lovely and talented (and kinky and geeky) Adrianne Curry. The other is the outrageously hot (and funny and geeky) Alex Sim-Wise.

So, I am proud to bring you the first of three promotional videos from Mac and Bumble, featuring none other than dreamgirl Alex Sim-Wise, showing at least one reason why she’s at the top of the pack.

Click here to download Alex Sim-Wise Video.

You can see much much more of her at Mac and Bumble site who were gracious enough to give this video to us.

What do you think about Alex?

The Beefboy’s List of Things to be Thankful for in 2009

S.E. Cupp, one of the many things the Beefboy is thankful for in 2009!

S.E. Cupp, one of the many things the Beefboy is thankful for in 2009!

I love the concept of Thanksgiving for two major reasons. First off, I love to eat, and Thanksgiving is about stuffing your face. Secondly, Thanksgiving is about getting together with family and friends and considering all the wonderful things that you should be thankful for. We typically spend about 364 days out of the year looking at stuff that irritates us; one good day to appreciate the positive stuff is really too little.

So, below is a short list of things that I’m thankful for over this past year. Why don’t you leave me a comment and add some of your own?

1. Megan Fox modeling (that means NOT acting)
2. The UFC
3. Star Wars: Clone Wars
4. The Beefboy’s large and fantastic group of friends
5. Freedom to choose Health Care WITHOUT government intervention
6. Arianny Celeste
7. Mistress Kitty
8. The Global Warming Scam being exposed – Finally
9. The Game
10. iPhones
11. S.E. Cupp
12. U.S. Navy SEALS sharpshooters
13. Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe, who exposed ACORN
14. Battlestar Gallactica ending on a high note
15. Sweet potato casserole
16. Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes
17. Rockabilly girls with dark rimmed glasses
18. All of our brave men and women who are serving the country this Thanksgiving
19. Alex Sim-Wise
20. Robots
21. Cable news, talk radio and the blogosphere – because face it, that’s the only thing that’s feeding you the truth!
22. Capitalism
23. My parents being healthy
24. The growing number of Beefanatics out there, who are the best fans in the world!!!

What are you thankful for? Tell the Beefboy below.

Alex Sim-Wise

sim-wiseI ran into Alex Sim-Wise on MySpace and instantly fell in love with her. She’s a bit of an internet sensation, with a huge fan following, a regular column in Front magazine and a show called “In Bed with Sim-Wise” for Sumo.tv. The bottom line is that she’s a rare combination of stunningly gorgeous, mixed with an amazing off-beat personality and a penchant for self-deprecating humor.

Frankly, Sim-Wise could vie for the Beefboy’s favorite celebrity (over current favorite Adrianne Curry) if I only knew she was into bondage or something kinky. Until I know for sure, the debate lives on!

No matter how you slice it, Sim-Wise is a world class hottie!

I want to do my part to make her as big as possible. If you run into her, tell her that you heard about her through the Beefboy!

Sim-Wise Myspace Page
In Bed with Sim-Wise
Sim-Wise Showreel
Sim Wise Merch
Sim-Wise on Twitter

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