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Shocking Audio: Rep. Dingell Says ObamaCare Will Eventually ‘Control the People’

President Obama and the Abused Girlfriend Syndrome

Obama and BushEveryone knows a girl who loves dating assholes and despite all the abuse they take, they refuse to admit how fucking stupid they are to keep dating a douchbag. Typically, their excuse is, “But I love him!”… as if that explains why they refuse to accept the reality of their situation or the repetition of their mistakes.

Yesterday, President Obama demonstrated his own form of Abused Girlfriend Syndrome. Faced with the undeniable repudiation of his own Presidency, following the crushing defeat in the Massachusetts vote, Obama told George Stephanopolis that the voters were reacting to the last eight years of government. Yes, Beefanatics, President Obama, our Girlfriend-in-Chief, blamed the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat on George Bush.

What we have here is a demonstration of a complete inability for President Obama to take any responsibility for his own actions. Obama is incapable of even acknowledging that we don’t care for or want his socialist policies. What the Tea Party protesters proved last year, and the voters in Massachusetts shouted on Tuesday, is that the majority of us are fucking fed up with the direction of our government… and brother… like it or not… Obama is The Government.

President Obama gives, “But they love me!” as his excuse for denying reality. How many years is it going to take for Obama to admit that he’s in charge and that our voice and our elections are a reaction to him and his policies? According to Obama, we’re still in the Bush Administration. Once again, I ask that President Obama nut-up and act like a man, instead of a lovesick abused girlfriend. I think we all know by now that he’s not going to do that. His ego won’t allow the possibility that we don’t love him.

President Clinton learned from his mistakes and sought the center after the 1994 elections, and ruled for eight years. President Obama seems unwilling to learn from his mistakes which means he will join President Carter in the dustbin of history as a failure. Despite the masturbatory fantasies of progressives, America is still a center-right country, and ruling from the far left is a recipe for disaster.

Watch Obama Lie 8 Times About Public Healthcare Negotiations (Videos)

The video below is an egregious example of what Obama promised the American public versus what has actually happened. Candidate Obama was very clear about a new type of government that was supposed to be open and devoid of lobbyists. President Obama has allowed special interests to run wild over the health care debate, and the process of crafting the health care legislation has been the most secretive process in recent memory (Pelosi and Reid are behind closed doors right now working on the final bill).

If you doubt what I’m telling you, maybe you should put your Kool-Aid swilling bias aside for a moment and watch the video below. It will be a stunning revelation of how we were, once again, being promised a new government, and instead are given more of the same old bullshit.

Oh, and here’s the official response on the video above from nutsack White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who is the poster boy of incompetency.

What It’s Like to Work at Media Matters

Red Eye on Fox News has given us a delectable video tidbit on leftie Soros organ Media Matters. Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The Beefboy’s 2009 Nutsack of the Year!


It says a lot about our biggest problems when the Nutsack of the Year Award goes to a member of Congress, for the second year in a row (2008 went to Representative Barney “the Hutt” Frank)! This year, the Beefboy gives the prestigious Nutsack of the Year Award to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Pelosi gained this distinguished award due to her position in Congress and her steadfast dedication to bringing socialism to America while destroying capitalism. She called the CIA liars (they were not). She is also the Beefboy’s Nutsack of the Year because she was at the forefront of comparing the Tea Party protesters to Nazis and gave a weepy disingenuous speech about how they reminded her of the violence of the 60’s (despite the fact that there was no violence AND the fact that liberals were responsible for violence in the 60’s). Pelosi is the biggest spender of all time! Pelosi makes the fiscal policy of Paris Hilton look like Ben Stein! More than one time this last year, I seriously questioned her sanity after a media stop. There is partisanship, and then there is an absolute disregard for reality… and Pelosi is squarely in the Wonderland camp!

Finally, even if you are a supporter of the liberal tax and spend and socialize policies that Pelosi pushed through the House in 2009, you should be aware that she is the greatest threat to Obama’s power and longevity in the White House. She has shown her ass to world by breaking records for spending money we don’t have and pushing us toward Chavez-style socialism. The full court press to make this country a liberal utopia woke up both the conservatives and the moderates of this country in a way that hasn’t been alive since President Carter was in office. If Obama wanted change, he’s about to see it at the voting booths this November and it’s all thanks to Nutsack of the Year Nancy Pelosi!

Nancy Pelosi is both a threat to and a disgrace to America. She is a rabid liberal idiot, hell-bent on policies that will bankrupt the country. She’s a partisan hack who ignores all of her own constituents, except for the most hardcore left. She is the Beefboy’s Nutsack of the Year for 2009. Congratulations Nancy! You’ve earned it!

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano is a Man-Caused Disaster


It’s possible that this website is the only thing standing between me and a heart attack. I’ve been screaming at friends, the television and radio for the past few days about the Crotch Bomber on the Christmas Day Northwest flight. Now it’s time for me to get this off my chest and scream at you. So sit back, relax, enjoy, and let the Beefboy do, what the Beefboy does best… and that’s break it right on down for you.

The biggest issue that I have is that the Crotch Bomber was on a terrorist watch list. His father informed us in November 2009 that his son had become a card-carrying terrorist. Despite the warning, the Crotch Bomber received a travel visa from the USA and walked on board the plane without even being searched or questioned.

What we have Beefanatics, is the illusion of security bolstered by the burlesque performance we must go through at the airport, instead of real security that would require Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano and President Obama to actually do their job. The bottom line is, you are not safe from terrorism until we nut-up and stop being politically correct. As Obama is fond of saying, let me be clear, I’m not letting Bush off the hook either. Many of the problems we have with security were started under the Bush Administration and are only being exacerbated under Obama.

Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, was one of Obama’s first appointments. She’s been on the job for a little under one year and has demonstrated that she is far more concerned with hurting terrorist’s feelings than she is with protecting America and its guests. Her first acts were to change the word “terrorist” to “man-caused disaster”, and change “the Global War on Terror” to “the Overseas Contingency Operation”. Thank God she took care of that – right? She also scuttled the color warning code (okay that actually was a useless piece of shit).

So let me ask you these questions. If you were appointed as the nation’s chief of security would your first priority be to change the language of the previous administration? How does changing these words make you and me safer? Does it sound like security is Napolitano’s first concern or is politics the first concern? As Billy Mays would say… don’t answer that; there’s more!

When the Fort Hood terrorist killed 13 and injured over 30 people, Napolitano’s official take was that this was the act of a crazy man with no political or religious motivations and most importantly not to “jump to conclusions.” Of course we soon discovered that he had direct communication with terrorists and exhibited political and religious extremism several years prior to his terrorist attack. The fact that he was a Muslim actually shielded him from being scrutinized by his military superiors or by the FBI, for fear of offending the little darling. Under Obama, political correctness is literally fatal.

Fast forward to this weekend when Napolitano made the rounds on the Sunday news programs. She beamed about the way passengers, crew and everyone else reacted to the botched attack. Her official take was how our security system worked “like clockwork.” Of course, when pressed on the massive failure of keeping the Crotch Bomber off the flight in the first place, she blamed it on Bush and said there would be a review. Way to absolve yourself of any responsibility Janet! Maybe you should have had a review when you took the job, instead of working so hard on new ways to say “terrorist”!

President Obama took a few moments on Monday (four days after the attack) to comment on his administration’s failure to protect the people on the Northwest flight. On one hand Obama says that this is an “isolated extremist” and on the other hand he vowed not to “rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable.” So which is it Mr. President? Did the man do this alone, or was he supported by a terrorist network?

We already know the answer to that and have for four fucking days! Al Qaeda took responsibility for the attack and the Crotch Bomber has ties to the Yemen terror network and to terrorists who were released from Guantanamo Bay. In fact, a British newspaper is reporting that there are another 25 men who have been trained to bomb airlines! And again, the man’s own father told us in November that he was a terrorist. If I know that, then the President knows that. Like Napolitano, Obama is bending over backward to downplay, obfuscate, omit and abdicate all responsibility for the terrorist attack.

Frankly, Obama and Napolitano think that you are too stupid to figure out that they are woefully inept at keeping us safe. Their reaction is to do some reviews and have travelers do a new song-and-dance routine when they fly. Among other things, airline passengers lose the ability to see their progress on seat monitors, must stay in their seat for the final hour of flight and must not have anything in their lap for the last hour. Apparently our leaders think terrorists can’t wear a watch and figure out how long they have left in their flight! Millions of travelers are being poked, prodded and punished for the actions of a handful of men, and it’s all for nothing.

Instead of real security, we have the illusion of security, solely for the purpose of making you feel safe, and only effective in harassing the innocent. What we need to do is eradicate political correctness and start dealing with terrorism with common sense, investigation and profiling. If, like the Fort Hood terrorist, you are well known for your radical views and the FBI is following your internet activities, you should be removed from the military, rather than promoted. If, like the Crotch Bomber, you end up on a terrorist watch list, you should be pulled aside and questioned and searched, before you ever get on a jet to the civilized world.

Does any of that sound extreme to you? Or rather, does it sound like the bare minimum that we should be doing to protect lives?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has become the Illusionist-in-Chief, consumed with ways to gloss-over threats instead of eradicating them. President Obama is overly concerned with the feelings of our enemies instead of the security of this nation. He should fire Homeland Security Clown Napolitano immediately, wake up, and get serious about terrorism before there is a major attack on his watch, because brother… it’s coming.

I realize that would require Obama to get his lazy ass out of Hawaii and stay off the fucking golf course, but that shouldn’t be a problem for a man obsessed with change.

See? Since I got that off my chest, I feel much better!

An Incovenient Question to Al Gore

Journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer (Mine Your Own Business, Not Evil Just Wrong) attempts to ask Al Gore a question about ‘Climategate’ emails at the UN Climate Change Conference. Al Gore’s Press Secretary grabs his McAleer’s microphone and UN security guard pulls the cable from the microphone.

For more Inconvenient Questions and answers about The True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria visit

A Blueprint for Destroying America

Blueprint_ObamaIf you told the Beefboy to create a blueprint for destroying America, I’d do something like this:

• Allow illegal immigrants to flow into the country and use resources they are not paying for to stress the system
• Have Representative Barney “the Hutt” Frank force the banks to make loans they can’t possibly cover
• When the banks fail give them nearly a trillion dollars and not require them to pay off their debt with it
• Pass several trillion dollar “stimulus” bills that’s actually a political payoff instead of real stimulus and is paid for by printing dollars
• Pass a health care bill that will cripple small business and skyrocket unemployment
• Pass a cap and trade bill (based on a complete fantasy) that will destroy small business and send us into a great depression
• Use the media to propagate your lies and distract the public with stories of Michael Jackson, Balloon Boys and Tiger Woods
• Use regulatory power and the pulpit of the White House to control the internet, talk radio and cable news, to squash dissent
• Use regulatory power to prevent local energy resources from being used and create a fake energy crisis
• Treat terrorism like a police matter and give foreign terrorists the full legal benefits of an American citizen
• Wait for rampant unemployment, a weak dollar, high energy prices, a press with no teeth, and a serious terrorist attack, to declare an emergency, scuttle the Constitution and create a socialist totalitarian utopia…

Looks like we’re on the right path to create North Cuba!

Nutsacks of the Moment: The Salahis

Party CrashingLast week, Michaele and Tareq Salahi went to a White House state dinner that they were not invited to. I waited a few days to comment on this because I wanted to see how it shook out before I made my opinion known. I think the verdict is in… they tried to get an invite, but when they didn’t, they went anyway, played party crashers and even met the President.

Yes, this is an indictment on the Secret Service and even the President himself for this breach in security. Obviously the President wasn’t in harm’s way from the Salahis but that’s beside the point. If they got in, so could someone with ill intent. Clearly, both the Secret Service and the President is embarrassed at their mistake, so they would like to see this story buried. I have a different request though.

Long before this incident, the Salahis have gained a reputation for attending events they were not invited to. They also are trying to get on some stupid fucking reality show about the housewives of D.C. The Salahis are serial narcissists. Fuck them. The Salahis are the Beefboy’s Nutsacks of the Moment!

I see absolutely no difference between the parents of the Balloon Boy and the Salahis. They both think the world owes them fame and they don’t care what laws they break, or whose lives they put in danger to achieve that fame. It’s fame at all costs and it must be punished. I want to see the Salahis get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and forced to do time in the worst jail we can find… in Bolivia.

Let’s give them the fame they seek and take photos and videos of them strolling into their jail cells and becoming some drug addict’s bitch! Then we can do a reality series showing all the other fucking publicity whores what happens when you do anything to be famous. In fact, let’s throw the Balloon Boy’s parents in there too!

Reality Jail! This spring on A&E!

Obama Stop Fucking Bowing!

Who is bowing in this picture and who isn't?!!!

Who is bowing in this picture and who isn't?!!!

In 1776 America officially declared our independence and died on the battlefield to protect our freedom. Since that moment our whole nation has been formed around the idea that we do not bow before royalty; that all men are created equal.

Starting with George Washington, all the way to George W. Bush, our Presidents have not lowered their head to despots, kings or emperors. We’re Americans! We bow to no one!… until President Obama.

Obama has now bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia and the Emperor of Japan. He’s on a fucking tour of the world to bow in front of everyone (nutsacks line up)!

In fact, there’s something else that’s incredibly distasteful about this and, mark this down, I think Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Beefboy can agree on this… as a black man, Obama should be doubly concerned with the appearances of bowing before someone else. Would Shaft bow before other men? Would Malcolm X bow before other men? Not just no… but HELL NO!

The bowing must stop immediately! It’s an insult to every soldier who has died for the principles of this country. It goes against our spirit of rugged individuality and steadfast rebellion against the tyrannies of the world. It goes against our whole “brand”.

It’s fucking un-American to bow before anyone!

If Obama wants to bow before the world’s weasels he can do it on his own time, not while he’s my President!

Mexico City Gangster Museum (Video)

This absolutely fascinating piece on Mexican drug cartels features a museum that has booty from drug raids that you won’t believe. Take a moment and watch this video, it’s worth your time.

Television Review: “V”… or should it be called “O”?

morena-baccarin-v-tv-seriesAll good sci-fi uses the genre to explore current events, social and political issues in a way that allows the viewer to see the world in a new light. I’m not sure how this ever got past the network goons at ABC, but “V” has socialism, idol worship, a biased press and the Obama administration squarely in its sights! In fact, after seeing the first episode of “V”, the Beefboy is wondering if anyone has checked to see if Raum Emanuel has lizard skin beneath his human flesh suit!

Much like our socialist friends, the aliens in “V” are clearly reading Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. They have infiltrated positions of power and influence all over the world. By the time the alien spacecraft show up, they have already laid the seeds to destroy the human race. The Visitors promise peace and are proud of their one world government. They come as our saviors, offering us their technology, and literally promising to give us “Universal Health Care!” And no, I’m not making this up.

The Visitors have a charismatic leader too. “Anna”, played by Morena Baccarin, is one of the hottest aliens of all time! As an aside, I tried to create a good Beefboy Gallery of Morena, but for some reason there are almost no hot photos of her available. I’m not sure how, or why, someone as outrageously sexy as Morena hasn’t done a shoot with every men’s magazine on the planet, but it just hasn’t happened Beefanatics… now back to the review.

Much like our own President Obama, Anna threatens to cancel an interview if she’s asked any questions which don’t paint her and the Visitors in a positive light. She’s a hit with the Middle East and Europe too, since she can speak all foreign languages concurrently. She loves being on TV almost as much as Obama, but seriously, not even a fictional alien can keep up with his media schedule.

Besides being the first program on mainstream television that is willing to be critical of our current administration, “V” is smart and sexy sci-fi. The actors do a good job with their roles, the writing is tight and the direction is solid. While “V” is not necessarily exceptional in any aspect, it is much better effort than ABC’s “Defying Gravity.” Most series get better over time when the writers and actors find their voices. If “V” continues to improve (and it could go either way) then it could aspire to excellence.

I can see the possibilities of developing the plot of the “human ambassadors” who are enamored with the Visitors and will be asked to spy on their fellow man. The human resistance (Tea Party types) will have to ride the line between opposing the Visitors while having to fight their own media and government. The traitor Visitors, who sympathize with the humans, are another aspect that holds a lot of potential. Needless to say, there is a lot of room for intrigue and biting commentary, if ABC and the creators have the balls to follow through with the promise of their pilot episode.

And to the executives at ABC: If you can get Morena Baccarin in some lingerie for a Maxim magazine spread, it wouldn’t exactly hurt your ratings. Hell, send her over the Beefcave and I’ll take some pictures of her! Just saying…

Health Scare Legislation – Ignore Me at Your Peril

pelosiThe health care bill is heading for a vote in the House of Representatives this week. I think it’s time to call bullshit when we see it. This bill must die a brutal and horrible death, or that’s the fate our country will face. I’m going to make my case for why this bill has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with taxing you and controlling you, then you can decide if you need to call your representative or not.

Have you noticed that Democrats are calling this bill “deficit neutral”? What the fuck is that phrase? I never heard it before this bill! You’ll notice that Democrats are not saying that this bill won’t cost anything, because it most certainly will. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says the health care bill will cost taxpayers $1,200,000,000,000 over the next ten years. I put all the zeros on that because 1.2 trillion minimizes the actual number. It’s a fucking budget buster Beefanatics! Furthermore, I challenge you to find an estimate from the government that hasn’t been woefully small compared to the actual costs over time.

What “deficit neutral” means, simply defined, is that those nutsacks in Congress are going to tax the shit out of you to pay for their bill. The House bill is just shy of two thousand pages and it is stacked high with taxes on just about everything you can imagine. If you think covering the costs on $1.2 trillion is not going to affect you, then you’re a fucking idiot! It’s going to hit every productive American square in the wallet. Care to debate that? Bring it.

The much-touted “public option” is so important to socialists because it gets them one step closer to a full-fledged government control of your health care. If you enjoy the efficiency and warm-hearted care you get at the Department of Motor Vehicles, then you’re going to LOVE dealing with government bureaucracy when you have a cold. President Obama and Representative Barney “the Hutt” Frank (the Beefboy’s 2008 Nutsack of the Year Award Winner) have both admitted that the “public option” is the first step to full-fledged government takeover of the health care system. Ignore me at your peril.

Just to make sure that you know this bill has nothing to do with insuring the un-insured, the non-partisan CBO has found that the “public option” in the House health care bill will only be used by 2% of those under 65. So what exactly is the purpose of this bill? Again, it’s about control over you.

If you sincerely wanted to reform health care and cut costs to consumers you would do two things in particular. First, you would allow insurance companies to practice equally over state lines. Right now, only a handful of companies are represented in any one state. Real competition will drive prices lower (look at what competition did for auto insurance, for example). Secondly, you would restrict how much lawyers can sue doctors for, so that malpractice insurance rates weren’t sky high, and obscure duplicate procedures were not necessary to cover a doctor’s ass.

The reforms I just laid out would actually drive costs down and create less government intervention. What I just proposed is is not in the health care bill. Why? Simply because driving costs down and empowering the individual is exactly the opposite goal of the legislation! It’s about taxing you and controlling you. The House bill creates 111 new government bureaucracies. It will conservatively cost you $1.2 trillion dollars in new taxes. Pelosi’s Health Scare Bill is porn for socialists.

The true tragedy here is that we are wasting an opportunity to do real health care reform. A sincere health care reform bill would include my cost-cutting proposals and ideas like portability, transparency, electronic health care records and placing more control in the hands of the individual, instead of a faceless government bureaucracy. Some of these ideas are an afterthought in the bill and others are omitted entirely.

What we’re being offered in the way of health care reform is actually a spending orgy and a concerted effort to grow government and take power away from you and put it in the hands of politicians. If the economy was booming it would be a great way to send us into a recession; given the current economic crisis, it could destroy our way of life. Moreover, we are looking at a bill that could give Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the power to make your most intimate decisions for you. Remember, this is just the first step in a grand scheme for government to own health care outright.

Hopefully you’re reaching for your phone to call your Representative right now. I pray it’s not too late.

“Health Care Bill is the Crown Jewel of Socialism” Michelle Bachmann (Video)

Here’s the breakdown on Pelosi’s Health Scare Bill and Michelle Bachmann’s D.C. protest on Thursday.

What do you guys think? Can we stop this bill? Should we?

It’s Time for Obama to put his Man Panties On

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn on CNN

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn on CNN

Last weekend White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said, “Fox News operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party,” and “Let’s not pretend they’re a news network.” Last month Obama snubbed Fox News by giving interviews with every major news outlet, including Univision, but excluding Fox. No offense to Univision, but if you want to see a cheesy Spanish language game show, or a soccer match, Univision is unparalleled, but if you want some news Univision is not my first stop. No matter how you slice it, Obama has declared war on Fox News.

Let’s put aside, for a moment, that NBC has become a cheerleader for everything liberal, and MSNBC is proud to be a cocksucking crack whore for Obama. Let’s even accept Dunn’s self-serving and fallacious premise that Fox News is an arm of the Republican party. If you wanted to explain your side of the issues and win over the opposition, then you should seek out opportunities to debate with those who have a different opinion. An administration who campaigned on “openness” and “transparency” would want to face their opponents head-on, right? A real man certainly would.

Instead, President Obama allows surrogates and pundits to fight his battles for him. He hides behind public appearances where he reads speeches from a teleprompter and then answers screened questions by audiences stacked with friendly supporters. He schedules interviews with every media outlet except Fox News, despite the fact that Fox has double the ratings of other cable news networks.

The only conclusion possible is that President Obama is a bitch-boy… a sissy-slut… a man-waif… a lingerie-wearing-sex-in-the-city-watching-tofu-eating-lass-with-no-lady-lumps!

A real man, with the courage of his convictions, would march right into the Fox News offices, answer every question and beat down anyone who disagreed with his rock hard penis! Instead, Obama hides in the corner and lets Anita Dunn, and Robert Gibbs and Keith Olbermann stick up for him. Instead of just answering difficult questions, Obama chooses to whine like a little puppy and run to networks that will lob softballs at him all day, and kiss his ass, and skirt their responsibility to be the opposition to anyone who is in government.

It’s time for the most powerful man in the free world to start acting like it.

See Al Gore Dodge Questions About Global Warming and Lie Some More (Video)

So, 2007 Nutsack of the Year Award-Winner Al Gore is too much of a pussy to debate his bullshit, and will lie when confronted with facts. It’s interesting how his little stack of lies burns up when exposed to the light of truth.

Irish documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer asked Al Gore about a case in Britain where a parent was upset that “An Inconvenient Truth” was being fed to her child, arguing that it was more politics than science. Gore claimed that the judge ruled in his favor, but that was a lie, and then got in a silly exchange about the growing polar bear population. Phelim McAleer had his microphone cut to save Gore from any more real inconvenient truths.

See the exchange below and tell me what you think.

Fight Like Hell, or Bring Them Home

us-troopsThe commander of our forces in Afghanistan recently asked for 40,000 more troops to complete his mission. Our President, who was extremely anxious, or as he would say “wee-wee’d up” over quickly spending a trillion dollars on the stimulus bill, and who wanted to fundamentally change our health care system overnight, chose to sit on the decision to send more troops. Never mind that the violence is growing in Afghanistan. Never mind that President Obama campaigned on how important the war in Afghanistan is. For some reason, this decision gets very little priority.

Look, we all know that Obama is going to take it in the nuts from his own side if he sends more troops to Afghanistan. We also know that he’d rather not alienate his buddies on this issue before he gets his health care bill passed. That’s fine, and I sympathize with that, but being President of the United States is not for sissies.

When you have a General tell you that he needs 40,000 more troops then you have two choices. Either put those troops on a plane, or get the troops that are in harm’s way the hell out of there. Period. End of story. You don’t win wars by fucking around, or by second-guessing your commanders. If you don’t have the resolve to win a war, then at least do the right thing and get our boys and girls the fuck out of there.

It takes a real leader to do something against his flock and make a decision that is hard or unpopular. Here is a chance for Obama to make a quick decision that could actually save lives. It took our President six months to decide what kind of dog he wanted. Let’s hope he doesn’t give this decision the same priority.

President Obama Admits that he Knows Less than The Beefboy

I recently noted that ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson knew less than the Beefboy because he was unaware of the story of the two activists who exposed ACORN, and didn’t follow-up when he heard that the 2010 Census dropped ACORN’s services and the Senate de-funded ACORN over the charges of corruption and felony activity.

On Sunday, during an interview on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, President Barack Obama, admitted that he was unaware that ACORN even received any government funding, despite the fact that ACORN’s funding was one of the many things that outraged the populace when he signed the stimulus bill! So, not only is our President saying that he knows less than The Beefboy, he also is saying that he doesn’t even know what’s in the stimulus bill he signed!!!

Is there any question why people are clogging town halls and the streets of Washington D.C. to complain about their leaders?

(Video) FOX News’ Chris Wallace calls Obama Administration “Biggest bunch of crybabies I’ve ever seen.

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace and Bill O’Reilly talk about many of the topics I’ve discussed here lately, including media bias, the Obama Administration’s soft skin and why the big 3 media news organizations are irrelevant.

Video: Daily Show Weighs In on ACORN Story… Priceless

Jon Stewart’s take on ACORN and the sleeping media is HIGH ART! Please take a moment to watch it.

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