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Bizarre Magazine’s Wet Latex Mosh Video!

One word… Mosh! Mosh! Mosh! Okay, that was one word three times, but The Beefboy can’t get enough of MOSH!

Mosh, The Beefboy’s new obsession (and Chick of the Moment), is featured in the July issue of Bizarre magazine.  To commemorate Mosh’s covershoot, the kind chaps at Bizarre have created the amazing video below.

The July issue of Bizarre is a PORN SPECIAL, and features the planet’s 20 HOTTEST SEX STARS, the SICKEST ADULT FLICKS, and the UK’S GRUBBIEST GRANDMA!

Sexy Leeloo Cosplay Photos – Fifth Element

Wow… I guess The Beefboy has not been paying attention, but somewhere along the way, dressing up as Leeloo from “The Fifth Element” became almost as ubiquitous as the Slave Leia outfit. Believe me, I’m not complaining!

Both Leeloo and “The Fifth Element” are all-time favorites of mine, so I was excited to see so many sexy ladies dressed up with that funky orange hair and those wild clothes (designed originally by fetish-inspired clothes designer Jean-Paul Gaultier… yes, I’m both a sci-fi geek and a fetish fashion geek, so get over it)!

If you’re eyes are sharp, you’ll notice several photos of the Beefboy perennial favorite Adrianne Curry, dressed as Leeloo!

Believe me, while these ladies are amazing, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the lovely Leeloos out there.  If you happen to have photos of a sexy Leeloo, or YOU are a sexy Leeloo, then please send me your photos and I’ll either add them here, or run a special article on you.

Send your Leeloo photos to  Everyone else, please enjoy the photos below and leave a comment on your favorites!

Fetish Model Natalie Blair in Video for Bizarre Magazine

See the video below of fetish model Natalie Blair for a photoshoot for Bizarre Magazine. Naturally, you’ll want to see the whole shoot and you can check that out here.

Super Sexy Alex Sim-Wise Visits NAMM 2010 (Video)

If you know the Beefboy then you know that I’m all about the scrumptious Alex Sim-Wise! Well, she recently showed up on a segment of Attack with the Show and you can watch that below.

Sexy alt model Nina Kate in a neon-themed shoot for Bizarre Magazine (Video)

Bizarre Magazine has always been a favorite of the Beefboy’s and this shoot of Nina Kate is a good example why!

Sexy Teacher Dita Von Teese for PETA (Video, Photo)


If PETA wants the Beefboy’s attention, then having Dita Von Teese dress up like a sexy school teacher is a great place to start.

PETA’s new ABC campaign (Animal Birth Control) tackles the issue of companion animal overpopulation and urges people to do their part by taking simple steps to help end this crisis.

In her ad, Dita urges fans to “bone up” on their ABCs and, if they are considering adding a dog or a cat to the family, to adopt from a local animal shelter and be sure to get their new family member spayed or neutered.

Video is below.

Learn More at

Adrianne Curry Announces She Plays World of Warcraft Naked… and Proves It!

One of the Beefboy’s top two chicks, Adrianne Curry, America’s Next Top Model winner, recently announced via Twitter:

“jumping into shower.going to spend my afternoon playing World Of Warcraft butt naked&stoned.Perfect Sunday!”

She also took and tweeted a photo of herself wearing a headset, nude. (Caption: “me…naked…playing World Of Warcraft”).

Photo below.

A Naked Adrianne Curry Plays World of Warcraft

A Naked Adrianne Curry Plays World of Warcraft

Chick of the Moment: Maliah Michel

Uhmmm… wow! Even white boys got to shout- this baby’s got back!

Welcome to Maliah Michel, recent winner of Smooth magazine’s African-American man’s favorite model. Sexy Maliah, who appeared in videos for Busta Rhymes and The Game, beat internet pin-up Deelishis, singer Angel and even bust-out hottie Vida Guerra to win the top spot in the Smooth Girl 100 list.

If you want to see more of Maliah (and I know you do) please visit her official site and friend her on MySpace.

Official Maliah Michel Website
Maliah Michel MySpace Page

Here’s some photos and a couple of videos so you can get to know Maliah better!

Alex Sim-Wise Nude Video

alex-sim-wiseIf you’ve been following the Beefboy for a while then you know that I have two models that rank at the top of my list (and who need to dump their respective zeros and get with the Beef hero)! One of those models is the lovely and talented (and kinky and geeky) Adrianne Curry. The other is the outrageously hot (and funny and geeky) Alex Sim-Wise.

So, I am proud to bring you the first of three promotional videos from Mac and Bumble, featuring none other than dreamgirl Alex Sim-Wise, showing at least one reason why she’s at the top of the pack.

Click here to download Alex Sim-Wise Video.

You can see much much more of her at Mac and Bumble site who were gracious enough to give this video to us.

What do you think about Alex?

Gravure Idol Yuuri Morishita Sexy Photos

Look, I didn’t even know what a “Gravure Idol” was until about twenty minutes ago, but from what I’ve learned, they are basically the Japanese equivalent of bikini models. Who knew? I guess I have a new obsession.

When the Japanese finally figure out how to make a sex robot (what’s taking them so long?!!), the Beefboy wants his to look just like Yuuri Morishita. Don’t ask me how I found this girl, just know that I was doing serious work for all the Beefanatics out there.

Until then, if the real Yuuri Morishita needs a place to stay in America, she always welcome in the Beefcave.

Dita Von Teese Visits Paris Fashion Week in Leather Dominatrix Dress (Photos)

Dita Von Teese was spotted checking out the Christian Dior Pret a Porter show October 2nd during Paris Fashion Week. The Beefboy thinks someone needs a riding crop…

Dita Von Teese in Sexy New Wonderbra Photos

Dita Von Teese proves why she’s still one of the hottest chicks on the planet with a new line of lingerie from Wonderbra. I’ve got a bunch of photos from the new collection, but frankly you should go visit the Dita Von Teese Wonderbra site because they have wallpapers, and music and an iPhone app, and honestly, some smokin’ hot lingerie!

Photos copyright Wonderbra. Enjoy.

Sexy G.I Joe Star Karolina Kurkova Naked Photos

karolina_kurkovaIn the second part of the Beefboy’s three part series on the girls of G.I. Joe, I focus on Czech model Karolína Kurková, best known as a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, and now an aspiring actress from My Sexiest Year and now as Courtney A. Kreiger/Cover girl in G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Rachel Nichols G.I.Joe Stunner in Topless Nude Photos

rachel_nicholsIn my three part Girls of G.I. Joe Special the Beefboy focuses first on Rachel Nichols, who is an American model and actress, best known for her portrayal of CIA officer Rachel Gibson on the Alias TV series. She’s also starred in several films, including Dumb & Dumberer, The Amityville Horror, The Woods, Star Trek as an Orion, and now G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as Shana “Scarlett” O’Hara.

Kelly Kelly Topless Sexy Photos

kelly_kellyBarbara Jean Blank was born on January 15, 1987 and began modeling as a teenager. By her late teens she was a bikini model, which included work for Miss Hawaiian Tropic. Her modeling career led her to be discovered by the WWE’s Johnny Ace who saw Kelly in a Venus Swimsuit catalog under the name “Barbie Blank. In May of 2006 she was signed to a developmental with the World Wrestling Entertainment and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for training. She was then given the name “Kelly Kelly” by the WWE.

Alex Sim-Wise

sim-wiseI ran into Alex Sim-Wise on MySpace and instantly fell in love with her. She’s a bit of an internet sensation, with a huge fan following, a regular column in Front magazine and a show called “In Bed with Sim-Wise” for The bottom line is that she’s a rare combination of stunningly gorgeous, mixed with an amazing off-beat personality and a penchant for self-deprecating humor.

Frankly, Sim-Wise could vie for the Beefboy’s favorite celebrity (over current favorite Adrianne Curry) if I only knew she was into bondage or something kinky. Until I know for sure, the debate lives on!

No matter how you slice it, Sim-Wise is a world class hottie!

I want to do my part to make her as big as possible. If you run into her, tell her that you heard about her through the Beefboy!

Sim-Wise Myspace Page
In Bed with Sim-Wise
Sim-Wise Showreel
Sim Wise Merch
Sim-Wise on Twitter

Cindy Crawford Nude in Allure Magazine


Is it possible that Cindy Crawford is 43 years old AND has had two kids AND still looks like this? Crawford showed up today in Allure magazine wearing some soap and not much else… and she’s looks fantastic!

If you’re not impressed by this then you’re either not breathing, or you’re Ron Jeremy.

(Thanks to Rob for the head’s up on this one.)

Diora Baird Nude

Originally Published: February 2nd, 2009


Here are some photos of Diora Baird who has been playing the “hot chick” in a ton of movies lately. However, she’s about to blow up large as an Orion Slave Girl in the new Star Trek movie… and if you know anything about the Beefboy you know I like green chicks and I like slave girls! Bring it on!

Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry

The Beefboy is a big fan of Adrianne Curry. I don’t think anyone beats the look or attitude of Adrianne. She’s perfect as far as I’m concerned. Apparently, I’m not alone.  It’s only right that Adrianne Curry be the first gallery I upload to the new site.

I got an email from someone who claimed to be Adrianne a while back. It would be nice to think that really was her, but there’s no way to verify. Here it is:

“Alright, so a friend of mine has pointed your site out to me. He is an avid reader who has been informing me of all the wonderful nice fuckin shit your saying about me. I think your hilarious and your site provides good reads and views. Just want you to know I’ll try to give her a look whenever I can. Keep postin those no name hot babes…New candy is always good candy! It’s a privledge to be your broad of the moment.

Adrianne Curry”

So, take it for what it’s worth. Adrianne is much more than the “broad of the moment” as far as I’m concerned.

Dig it!

-The Beefboy

Adrianne Curry’s Official Site

Adrianne Curry’s Official MySpace Page[PSGallery=175rcg010y]

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