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Fibi Love – Outrageously Sexy Model Photos!

The Beefboy presents to you, the sexy and talented Fibi Love! She has been kind enough to not only provide some photos to all the Beefanatics (below), but has sent this message to you!

Hello, my name is Fibi Love. I am a dedicated and ambitious Haitian American model from beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. I began my modeling career 3 years ago when I discovered I had a passion and a gift for creating beautiful photographs. My exotic looks, striking figure and intoxicating energy result in the breathtaking work that is quickly making me a force in the industry.

Catch this star on the rise! I have extensive experience in photo and video modeling as well as acting, promotions and event hosting. Please review and consider my photos and resume. If interested, please contact me with the details of your projects or any inquiries you may have. Thank you for your time!

- Fibi Love

I’ve named Fibi Love as not only The Beefboy’s Fame Angel, but also as The Beefboy’s Chick of the Moment.

Let’s all show Fibi some love by heading over to one of her numerous websites below, and please tell her that the Beefboy sent you!

Undress Jess Booty Shakin’ Video!

My friend Undress Jess has another booty shakin’ video for all the Beefanatics out there! See the video below and go here to vote for Undress Jess in the contest! You want to see more right? Vote now!

Anna Chapman Does Sexy Shoot for Russian Maxim (Photos)

The Beefboy’s favorite spy is back with the sexiest photos ever! Anna Chapman has the cover and a photo spread in the November issue of Russian Maxim. You gotta love the guys at Maxim, right?

Here’s the set of photos. Tell me what you think!

Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman in new Video

Below is a video showing the Beefboy’s favorite Russian spy Anna Chapman in a new video of a photo shoot for a Russian magazine. You can see the article here, but good luck reading it… unless you’re fluent in Russian… maybe I should look into that… Russian chicks are HOT!

Also in Anna Chapman news, Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film company, has offered the Russian Spy Anna Chapman a movie deal. No word on whether or not she has accepted a deal with Vivid. According to that company, she is ‘the hottest spy we’ve seen in years and clearly the media’s favorite’. Vivid Entertainment’s founder Steven Hirsch says that even though she wasn’t successful as a spy, she certainly could have a future in adult entertainment.

Count the Beefboy as VERY INTERESTED in Vivid’s offer…

Anna Chapman – From Russia With Love (Photos)

As soon as it began, it was all over. The FBI arrested ten Russian spies, and among them a hot kinky redhead named Anna Chapman. Barely a week later, Chapman (who is really named Anya Kushchenko) got on a jet for Austria and was swapped for four spies who had given information to United States and British Intelligence.

Frankly, if you look at what we got, I say we got the raw end of the deal! Hot kinky redheads are a valuable commodity! How the hell do you swap Anna Chapman (and nine others) for four ugly Russian dudes? We got screwed!

The Beefboy wants Anna back! I promise to make her pay for all her sins (and she’ll love every second of it)! If you doubt me, check out the photos below.

New Undress Jess’ Booty Shakin’ Video!

Here’s another chance to vote for my friend, Undress Jess in her Booty Shakin’ Video contest! Let’s get out there and show her how big the Beefanatic Nation is and give her some support! If she wins, maybe she will do something special for all of us.

Click here to vote for her now!

Undress Jess Booty Shaking Video!

Hey Beefanatics! I’ve been talking to and following the smokin’ hot Undress Jess for a while and had to share this booty shakin’ video with you all. She’s all over the place, so when you run into her, tell her the Beefboy sent you! Maybe she’ll do something special for you guys and let me post it here.

Christina: Fame Angel (Photos)

beefboytshirt-56I work with Christina and I thought she’d make a super fantastic model for one of my official Beefboy Rants T-shirts… and what do you know… I was right! Save the disrespect (it won’t make it through my filters) but if you’d like to tell Christina how gorgeous she is, please leave a comment below.

In the meantime, I know you’re thinking… “Hey Beefboy, how do I get one of those outrageously snazzy shirts?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Just drop by The Beefboy Rants Official Swag Store and see what’s happening there.

And what if you want to be one of the Beefboy’s Fame Angels? No problem! Just visit my Fame Angel page and it will give you all the info you need. In fact, for a limited time only, if you’re as hot as Christina, I’ll send you some official Beefboy swag to pose in for some photos that I’ll share with everyone (I get over five million hits a month)!

So, without further ado. Fame Angel Christina in the new Beefboy Rants Organic Woman’s T-shirt!

Beefboy’s Fame Angel: Ariel

Want to see more of Ariel? Click the banner below.

Beefboy’s Fame Angel: Dors Feline

Alex Sim-Wise

sim-wiseI ran into Alex Sim-Wise on MySpace and instantly fell in love with her. She’s a bit of an internet sensation, with a huge fan following, a regular column in Front magazine and a show called “In Bed with Sim-Wise” for The bottom line is that she’s a rare combination of stunningly gorgeous, mixed with an amazing off-beat personality and a penchant for self-deprecating humor.

Frankly, Sim-Wise could vie for the Beefboy’s favorite celebrity (over current favorite Adrianne Curry) if I only knew she was into bondage or something kinky. Until I know for sure, the debate lives on!

No matter how you slice it, Sim-Wise is a world class hottie!

I want to do my part to make her as big as possible. If you run into her, tell her that you heard about her through the Beefboy!

Sim-Wise Myspace Page
In Bed with Sim-Wise
Sim-Wise Showreel
Sim Wise Merch
Sim-Wise on Twitter

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