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Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Carl’s Jr. Video

It’s not as good as Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. ad, but Kim Kardashian sure makes the Beefboy consider eating a salad!

Adrianne Curry Announces She Plays World of Warcraft Naked… and Proves It!

One of the Beefboy’s top two chicks, Adrianne Curry, America’s Next Top Model winner, recently announced via Twitter:

“jumping into shower.going to spend my afternoon playing World Of Warcraft butt naked&stoned.Perfect Sunday!”

She also took and tweeted a photo of herself wearing a headset, nude. (Caption: “me…naked…playing World Of Warcraft”).

Photo below.

A Naked Adrianne Curry Plays World of Warcraft

A Naked Adrianne Curry Plays World of Warcraft

Chick of the Moment: Annalynne McCord (Sexy Photos Nipple Slip)

Annalynne McCord is mostly known for her role on the new “90210″ series, but has also made appearances in “Nip/Tuck,” “Day of the Dead” and “Transporter 2.”

While that’s all well and good, what makes Annalynne McCord the Beefboy’s Chick of the Moment was her appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Conan O’Brian, where she proclaimed her love of the original “Star Wars” movies! She even has the good sense to put down the most recent three “Star Wars” movies because there was just too much CGI and not enough Han Solo.

So yes, loving Star Wars will get you on the Beefboy’s Chick of the Moment list.

How long until Danger Darling comments that Annalynne is too skinny? All I can say is that she’s going to look great in that Princess Leia slave girl outfit when she comes to the Beef Cave. Photos are below.

The Annalynne McCord Website

Twilight Star Poses Nude for PETA (Photo)

Christian Serratos, 19, from the upcoming “Twilight” film, is the latest celebrity to shuck her clothes off for PETA. Her TV credits include squeaky-clean shows like “Hannah Montana,” “Zoey 101″ and “7th Heaven.” Ahhh… they all have to grow up and get that naughty girl street cred, don’t they?

Christian’s naked ad debuts in the walk-up to her new movie. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” opens November 20.

Tell me what you think below!


Eva Longoria Nipple Slip in Sci-fi Dominatrix Photos

If you are into Romulan Dominatrix, Sean Young’s character in “Blade Runner” or hot chicks with nipple slips, then you should enjoy the new set of photos with Eva Longoria! These photos ran in “Citizen K” magazine.

Photos: By Request, Lily Allen Nude

Danger Darling (who is a regular commenter here and one of the Beefboy’s best friends) requested some photos of British Pop Star Lily Allen. I think she just wants me to find some porn for her, but I don’t really have a problem with that. Frankly, it’s hard to find photos of Lily Allen where she’s NOT naked. I even found Furry photos.

Furry photos bitches!!!

Tell you what, if you comment as much on this site as Danger Darling, I’ll go surfing for porn for you too.

Oh, and Lily Allen absolutely must NEVER dye her hair blond again. It’s hideous. Besides that she’s pretty damn sexy.

If you want to see more of Lily Allen here’s a couple of sites for you.
Lily Allen Official Site
Lily Allen MySpace Page

Photos: Naked Twitter with Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and Adrianne Curry

A wonderful new trend has emerged… Naked Celebrity Twitter Photos! While some may characterize naked Twitter pics as an attempt to gain attention by any means necessary, the Beefboy prefers to think of it as celebrities giving back to the community in a way we can all sincerely appreciate!

Here’s photos of Katy Perry in a tub with a pizza box covering her naughty bits, Lindsey Lohan and some strategically placed hair and finally, all-time Beefboy favorite Adrianne Curry, all from Twitter posts.

Katy Perry Naked Twitter

Katy Perry Naked Twitter

Lindsay Lohan Naked Twitter

Lindsay Lohan Naked Twitter

Adrianne Curry Naked Twitter

Adrianne Curry Naked Twitter

Photos: Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page Kiss

The latest issue of Marie Clair magazine has a photoshoot that features Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore locking lips! They are promoting their new movie about rollergirls called “Whip It”. Photos and trailer are below.

Chick of the Moment: Tila Tequila Needs Your Support

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila is in the news for all the wrong reasons right now (through no fault of her own). Well, the Beefboy hates to see anyone that hot in distress, so I’m encouraging the Beefanatics to go visit her sites and show her some support. If you’re not familiar with Tila, then first, turn off the NASCAR channel and get a life, and next check her out on her own personal site and her MySpace page where she became famous in the first place (an MTV dating series didn’t hurt her popularity either).

Tila Tequila’s sites and some photos are below.

Tila Tequila’s Hot Spot
Tila Tequila’s MySpace Page

Rachel Nichols G.I.Joe Stunner in Topless Nude Photos

rachel_nicholsIn my three part Girls of G.I. Joe Special the Beefboy focuses first on Rachel Nichols, who is an American model and actress, best known for her portrayal of CIA officer Rachel Gibson on the Alias TV series. She’s also starred in several films, including Dumb & Dumberer, The Amityville Horror, The Woods, Star Trek as an Orion, and now G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as Shana “Scarlett” O’Hara.

Jessica Alba: Nutsack of the Moment and Chick of the Moment

jessica_albaJessica Alba, why the fuck did you paste shark posters in downtown Oklahoma City? Are you aware that OKC is landlocked about 6000 miles away from the open sea? Are you aware that defacing billboards for one cause (the United Way) for your cause (dwindling shark population) destroys any sympathy you might have gained?

Also, the Beefboy must ask, why would you have your photo taken next to your crime and then blog about it? Jessica, do any of your decisions on that evening sound like something a sane adult would do?

For all of those reasons, Jessica Alba, you are the Beefboy’s Nutsack of the Moment.

One last note. If you weren’t a hot Hollywood celebrity, would the cops have let you off without a charge? I have to wonder what would happen if the Beefboy went and did the same exact stunt right now, what would happen.

As I said Jessica, you’re hot, so here’s some photos to demonstrate why we put up with your idiocy, which also makes you the Beefboy’s Chick of the Moment!

Jessica Biel Beil Naked Photos from Powder Blue Film

powder_blue_-09I’m not sure why they are not releasing the movie Powder Blue to theaters, but it’s going straight to video very soon. Any film with the outrageously hot Jessica Biel, as a stripper, has to be able to create enough buzz to get it in your local cineplex!

Oh well… I’m not in charge of things in Hollywood (although I should be).

Enjoy the screen captures from the film Powder Blue below.

Once again, thanks to Rob.

Singer Cassie Ventura Nude Naked Photos

cassie_ventura_toplessSome sort of weird celebrity nudeapalooza is going on right now. Nude photos of singer Cassie, real name Cassandra Ventura, 22, have been leaked online of the singer lying topless in the bed in a seductive position with an alluring look on her face as if taking sexy, personal pictures for a significant other via a webcam or camera phone.

The photos are below.

(Thanks again Rob.)

Rihanna Nude Naked Photos

rihanna_nude_006I’m not sure what the origin of these photos are, or even if they are real, but the story is all over the net and here are the photos of Rihanna Nude. reports that these pictures were taken at The London hotel in West Hollywood where Rihanna had stayed with Chris Brown. And all seven shots were taken in the same white bathroom and bedroom area.

Tell the Beefboy what you think!

(Thanks to my buddy Rob for bringing these to me.)

Megan Fox Sexy Nude Naked Photos Pictures

megan_foxWith this post I’m moving Megan Fox into the Beefboy Pantheon beside Rose McGowan, Adrianne Curry and Alex Sim Wise. Largely known for her appearance in the Transformers movie, Megan Fox is going to explode (as am I) over the next year with a Transformers sequel, Jonah Hex, Ironclad, Jennifer’s Body, The Crossing and Passion Plays and a rumored Fathom movie. The point is… Hollywood can’t get enough of Megan Fox and neither can the Beefboy.

Megan Fox loves the camera and the camera loves her, so there’s a lot of photos out there. This is not every photo of Megan Fox by a long shot, these are just the BEST photos of Megan Fox available right now, including some nude photos on a set where only make-up covers her naughty bits.

Rest assured, the Beefboy will be keeping up with the photo series that are out there in the future and posting those as well.

Hannah Spearritt Spearitt Spearrit Sexy Photos

hannah_spearrittI’m shocked and saddened by the lack of decent photos of Hannah Spearritt from the BBC series Primevel (now running on America’s Sci-Fi Channel). Since Hannah has also been a pop star and in movies (Cody Banks), and she’s combines super hotness with girl next door cuteness, I couldn’t tell you why the photos of her are lame and poor quality. It just doesn’t make much sense. I guess we’re looking at a slow transformation from being a teen idol to being a young woman. I will expect to see hotter photos in the near future (hey Billie Piper sure upped her game, I’m sure Hannah Spearritt will too).

Until then, the best photos available are posted below. Plus I have a good clip from Primevel that will probably demonstrate to you why she caught my attention in the first place.

Rhona Mitra Nude Naked Photos


The Beefboy has been following the work of Rhona Mitra for a while, after all she was one of the original Lara Croft live models over a decade ago! She’s recently been in Doomsday and Underworld 3, but it is rumored that she will reprise her role of Lara Croft in the new live action film. Actually, I think she’s a better pick than Angelina… for one thing she’s British! Here’s some photos of Rhona Mitra and a clip from Secret Agent Man from many years ago.

Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Nude Naked Photos


With the release of Quantum of Solace on DVD and the upcoming movie Centurion, which both star Olga Kurylenko, it only seemed appropriate to present the Beefanatics with some nude photos of this rising star! Olga also appeared in the film Le Serpent, in which featured her in a naked bondage scene. Olga told reporters that she thinks the art of rope bondage is “beautiful”.

The Beefboy agrees Ms. Kurylenko. Let’s meet and make some art together!

Katy Perry

Originally Published: March 2nd, 2009


I hear that Katy Perry sings or something, but what I’m mostly interested in is the fact that she’s rockin’ a classic lingerie wardrobe and the spirit of Bettie Page (may she rest in peace). That porcelain skin and coal black hair is calling out to the Beefboy!

Diora Baird Nude

Originally Published: February 2nd, 2009


Here are some photos of Diora Baird who has been playing the “hot chick” in a ton of movies lately. However, she’s about to blow up large as an Orion Slave Girl in the new Star Trek movie… and if you know anything about the Beefboy you know I like green chicks and I like slave girls! Bring it on!

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