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Couch Pirate Radio

“Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs” just talked about Couch Pirate Radio, see what they were talking about here! –>

Do You Want to be a Fame Angel?

Are you a model, musician, entertainer or just a hot girl who would like some worldwide attention? You need to be one of the Beefboy’s Fame Angels!

What is a Fame Angel? Any woman who is doing something interesting, breaking the rules, spreading the word, or is just outrageously gorgeous, qualifies as a Fame Angel. The Beefboy regularly gets over five million hits a month… I can drive visitors to your sites or projects!

If you are chosen to be one of the Beefboy’s Fame Angels, then I’ll post your pictures here in the Fame Angel Showcase, along with your profile and any links you send, and give you an exclusive award banner for your own site (or Facebook page)!  You have earned the title of Fame Angel from that point forward.

Just send in quality JPEG photos (at least ten, but more is always better) and tell me a little about yourself and why I should pick you (kissing up to the Beefboy never hurts).  This is an exclusive club and I only choose the best, so send in your hottest photos and tell me why you rise above the rest!

If you’re a model, musician, entertainer, or just love adoring fans, this is an amazing opportunity. I get five million hits a month and have a dedicated following. You WILL get noticed. Act now! Email the Beefboy at the address below:

The Return of the Beefboy’s Funky News

Beefboychair062Some of the Beefanatics who have been following me for several years may remember back when I used to send out a weekly update of news stories and commentary that I called “The Beefboy’s Funky News”. The idea behind that endeavor was to give you some important news, steer you toward stories you might have missed, or to just make you laugh. The time it took to compile that email took me away from updating this site, so it eventually went by the wayside.

However, times and technology has caught up with me. It’s never been more important for everyone to stay informed and involved. It’s also never been easier to disseminate information. Several online applications, principally Twitter, allows me to send out important stories and commentary in real time.

So, the Beefboy’s Funky News lives again! If you want updates throughout the day, then please sign up for my Twitter updates @thebeefboy! I’ll also be compiling my updates every Sunday and publishing them here on the site. You can also send me direct messages throughout the day that I can pass on to everyone else.

It’s a new day! Join me on Twitter @thebeefboy.

The Beefboy Rants Achieves Five Million Hits a Month

The Beefboy

The Beefboy

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, July 3, 2009 – According to numbers supplied by Awstats, the month of June recorded 5,061,259 hits on the Beefboy Rants site. The surge in hits have been steadily rising since the first of the year but exploded recently due to a switch to a WordPress platform, which allows more interactivity and opens up new ways to distribute content throughout the internet. The Beefboy Rants has also benefitted from several opinion pieces and news coverage that got picked up and promoted through various news aggregator sites, primarily Digg, Fark and Daymix.

The Beefboy said, “I think the growing interest in The Beefboy Rants represents a very real need to find some information from anyone who is not a lapdog for either conservatives or liberals. People are hungry for new philosophies and insight from a source that asks for politicians in particular and government in general to get out of our wallets and out of our lives.” Given the current economic and political climate, the Beefboy adds, “I feel like I’m just offering the right thing at the right time. Outrageous humor and photos of hot chicks aren’t hurting my popularity either.”

The Beefboy Rants began as a regular feature on the Couch Pirates site ( in 2002. Given the large amount of content and desire to expand the reach even further, The Beefboy Rants spun off into its own website The Beefboy Rants in 2004. Since then it has evolved to feature the Beefboy’s unique articles on politics, news, and entertainment, coupled with celebrity photos, podcasts and media reviews. The Beefboy’s irreverent commentary has attracted attention by hammering politicians and political pundits on the left and right. The Beefboy is described as being, “Your Radical Moderate Underground Icon” and is available for interviews by contacting him directly at

Jessica Alba: Nutsack of the Moment and Chick of the Moment

jessica_albaJessica Alba, why the fuck did you paste shark posters in downtown Oklahoma City? Are you aware that OKC is landlocked about 6000 miles away from the open sea? Are you aware that defacing billboards for one cause (the United Way) for your cause (dwindling shark population) destroys any sympathy you might have gained?

Also, the Beefboy must ask, why would you have your photo taken next to your crime and then blog about it? Jessica, do any of your decisions on that evening sound like something a sane adult would do?

For all of those reasons, Jessica Alba, you are the Beefboy’s Nutsack of the Moment.

One last note. If you weren’t a hot Hollywood celebrity, would the cops have let you off without a charge? I have to wonder what would happen if the Beefboy went and did the same exact stunt right now, what would happen.

As I said Jessica, you’re hot, so here’s some photos to demonstrate why we put up with your idiocy, which also makes you the Beefboy’s Chick of the Moment!

The Beefboy is Worldwide Baby!

The Beefboy and Toxic Goddess Aello

The Beefboy and Toxic Goddess Aello

The last few days The Beefboy Rants has absolutely exploded! We’ve gotten four times the usual visitors for the site, double the number of hits and triple the number of page views, so thank you very much Beefanatics!

I think it’s important to note what a worldwide audience I have as well. America makes up about a third of my visitors. English speaking countries including the U.K., Australia and Canada make up another third. That means that countries like South Africa, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, France, Ukraine, China and more… up to well over one hundred nations… all are visiting the Beefboy Rants daily!

That means that my views are getting out to an ever-growing audience of Beefanatics from around the world! Some people may be hearing the raw truth for the first time ever. Welcome! Lend the Beefboy your eyes and ears and I’ll show you things you’ve never seen or heard before!

This is a revolution. The Beefboy Revolution. Pick up your mouse and join me!

Teabag Olbermann and Garofalo T-Shirts!

teabagowhite1The Beefboy has something to say to Olbermann and Garofalo in these official Teabag T-Shirts! Visit the Beefboy Rants Store to see the designs, or tell me what you think right here! All of the designs can be seen below, but you can only order them from the store.

The Couch Pirates Have Returned

flaglargeThe Beefboy Rants began on a site called “The Couch Pirates” about seven years ago. In early 2004, the Beefboy had so much stuff on there, it became obvious that I needed more space so I rolled off into the site you’re looking at now. However, the place where I cut my teeth… the place where me and all my friends hang out… the birthplace of the internet sensation, Rate This Chick… will always hold a special place in my heart.

And now it’s back, and better than ever! The old gang, Scott, Pump, Steve (and me) have been joined by new Couch Pirate Jake and those guys are putting out some amazing stuff. The new site platform allows them to update articles on their own, which means quicker content and more content. Plus, just like The Beefboy Rants, now you can join the fun by leaving your own comments and interacting directly with the Couch Pirates!

Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Zombie Movies and wry social commentary are still joined by the world famous Rate This Chick, but the Couch Pirates is more active than ever before! I can’t suggest this site more highly.

Please take a look around the Couch Pirates site. It’s time well spent.

I’m here!

The Beefboy

The Beefboy

Hello to all the Beefanatics out there!  Yes, this is still the Beefboy Rants!

I’m working very hard today to update the site with a whole new look, but more importantly with new features that will give you the ability to interact with me unlike ever before!

Please check back today and tomorrow.  This is the most significant change I’ve ever made to The Beefboy Rants and it will absolutely propel the site to new heights!

Dig it!

- The Beefboy

Anne Hathaway


The Beefboy first started noticing Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wear Prada.  Then I heard she was going to be in the new Get Smart movie, so I started paying attention.  She’s got a classic beauty and I even found some nudes!

Mr. Skin has some hot video on Anne Hathaway here.

Here’s a list of appearances:

  • The Fiance (2010) (pre-production)
  • Alice in Wonderland (2010) (post-production) …. The White Queen
  • Bride Wars (2009) …. Emma
  • Passengers (2008) …. Claire Summers
  • Rachel Getting Married (2008) …. Kym
  • Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control (2008) (uncredited) …. Agent 99
  • Get Smart (2008) …. Agent 99
    … aka Max la menace (Canada: French title)
  • Becoming Jane (2007) …. Jane Austen
  • The Devil Wears Prada (2006) …. Andy Sachs
  • Brokeback Mountain (2005) …. Lureen Newsome
    … aka Souvenirs de Brokeback Mountain (Canada: French title)
  • Havoc (2005) …. Allison Lang
  • Hoodwinked! (2005) (voice) …. Red
  • The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) …. Mia Thermopolis
  • Ella Enchanted (2004) …. Ella
  • Nicholas Nickleby (2002) …. Madeline Bray
  • Neko no ongaeshi (2002) (voice: English version) …. Haru
    … aka The Cat Returns (International: English title)
  • The Other Side of Heaven (2001) …. Jean Sabin
  • The Princess Diaries (2001) …. Mia Thermopolis
  • “Get Real”


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