Do You Want to be a Fame Angel?

Are you a model, musician, entertainer or just a hot girl who would like some worldwide attention? You need to be one of the Beefboy’s Fame Angels!

What is a Fame Angel? Any woman who is doing something interesting, breaking the rules, spreading the word, or is just outrageously gorgeous, qualifies as a Fame Angel. The Beefboy regularly gets over five million hits a month… I can drive visitors to your sites or projects!

If you are chosen to be one of the Beefboy’s Fame Angels, then I’ll post your pictures here in the Fame Angel Showcase, along with your profile and any links you send, and give you an exclusive award banner for your own site (or Facebook page)!  You have earned the title of Fame Angel from that point forward.

Just send in quality JPEG photos (at least ten, but more is always better) and tell me a little about yourself and why I should pick you (kissing up to the Beefboy never hurts).  This is an exclusive club and I only choose the best, so send in your hottest photos and tell me why you rise above the rest!

If you’re a model, musician, entertainer, or just love adoring fans, this is an amazing opportunity. I get five million hits a month and have a dedicated following. You WILL get noticed. Act now! Email the Beefboy at the address below:

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- The Beefboy

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Leave a comment for The Beefboy below. I want to hear from you!


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