President Obama and the Abused Girlfriend Syndrome

Obama and BushEveryone knows a girl who loves dating assholes and despite all the abuse they take, they refuse to admit how fucking stupid they are to keep dating a douchbag. Typically, their excuse is, “But I love him!”… as if that explains why they refuse to accept the reality of their situation or the repetition of their mistakes.

Yesterday, President Obama demonstrated his own form of Abused Girlfriend Syndrome. Faced with the undeniable repudiation of his own Presidency, following the crushing defeat in the Massachusetts vote, Obama told George Stephanopolis that the voters were reacting to the last eight years of government. Yes, Beefanatics, President Obama, our Girlfriend-in-Chief, blamed the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat on George Bush.

What we have here is a demonstration of a complete inability for President Obama to take any responsibility for his own actions. Obama is incapable of even acknowledging that we don’t care for or want his socialist policies. What the Tea Party protesters proved last year, and the voters in Massachusetts shouted on Tuesday, is that the majority of us are fucking fed up with the direction of our government… and brother… like it or not… Obama is The Government.

President Obama gives, “But they love me!” as his excuse for denying reality. How many years is it going to take for Obama to admit that he’s in charge and that our voice and our elections are a reaction to him and his policies? According to Obama, we’re still in the Bush Administration. Once again, I ask that President Obama nut-up and act like a man, instead of a lovesick abused girlfriend. I think we all know by now that he’s not going to do that. His ego won’t allow the possibility that we don’t love him.

President Clinton learned from his mistakes and sought the center after the 1994 elections, and ruled for eight years. President Obama seems unwilling to learn from his mistakes which means he will join President Carter in the dustbin of history as a failure. Despite the masturbatory fantasies of progressives, America is still a center-right country, and ruling from the far left is a recipe for disaster.

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2 Responses to President Obama and the Abused Girlfriend Syndrome

  1. Shawn says:

    I’m so sick of hearing the entire Democratic party passing the blame of anything and everything on the Bush administration. It’s over! Move on! I thought Change was his mantra but so far the only change I hear is his whining about the right. Uugghh.

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