Adrianne Curry Announces She Plays World of Warcraft Naked… and Proves It!

One of the Beefboy’s top two chicks, Adrianne Curry, America’s Next Top Model winner, recently announced via Twitter:

“jumping into shower.going to spend my afternoon playing World Of Warcraft butt naked&stoned.Perfect Sunday!”

She also took and tweeted a photo of herself wearing a headset, nude. (Caption: “me…naked…playing World Of Warcraft”).

Photo below.

A Naked Adrianne Curry Plays World of Warcraft

A Naked Adrianne Curry Plays World of Warcraft

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Dig it!
- The Beefboy

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8 Responses to Adrianne Curry Announces She Plays World of Warcraft Naked… and Proves It!

  1. Ryan says:

    We need more stoned naked chicks playing video games now days… Let’s get her on Call Of Duty MW2 !

  2. Shawn says:

    Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me

  3. The Dude says:

    And this is why I play WoW. For the chicks!

  4. Scott Anodam says:

    Your site is not bad, you pics are great, but your politics suck!
    You’re ridiculously naive and you’ve apparently fallen for the republican’t lie of “smaller govt” (something no ‘publican has ever attempted: EVER!) Every republican’t President has increased the size of gov’t and the deficit enormously!
    The only modern-day President to decrease the budget- the deficit- rein in gov’t and even create a surplus is William Jefferson Clinton; a Democrat!
    Obama has truly accomplished some amazing things in office so far- he gets no credit no matter how impossible they seemed for decades or how well they’re working or helping the economy and the Middle-Class. The haters are in full force Beefboy, and you’re tea party antics are just pushing the lie along….

    • TheBeefboy says:

      First off, I’m fucking brilliant, that’s unquestionable.

      Secondly, you’re barking up the wrong tree if you think I’m either a Republican or an apologist for the Republican party. I’d like to see both parties decimated. I’ve never voted for a Republican President… ever.

      The only thing the Republican party offers is a slower march to our destruction. They borrow and spend like crazy too. The Bush Administration spent more than any other previous administration… until Obama took over.

      Obama has succeeded in taking over private enterprises, which pay for the themselves and instead shifting the burden to us. That’s not only destructive, it’s fucking ignorant. You want naivete?… look no further than our President. The best thing Obama has done is to allow federal funding for stem cell research.

      Finally, I liked Clinton a lot actually. After getting the shit kicked out of him in the 1994 election, he started acting like the President of all of us and worked with the Republican congress to make some changes that actually were good for the country.

      Thanks for writing in Scott. Enjoy the photos.

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