A Blueprint for Destroying America

Blueprint_ObamaIf you told the Beefboy to create a blueprint for destroying America, I’d do something like this:

• Allow illegal immigrants to flow into the country and use resources they are not paying for to stress the system
• Have Representative Barney “the Hutt” Frank force the banks to make loans they can’t possibly cover
• When the banks fail give them nearly a trillion dollars and not require them to pay off their debt with it
• Pass several trillion dollar “stimulus” bills that’s actually a political payoff instead of real stimulus and is paid for by printing dollars
• Pass a health care bill that will cripple small business and skyrocket unemployment
• Pass a cap and trade bill (based on a complete fantasy) that will destroy small business and send us into a great depression
• Use the media to propagate your lies and distract the public with stories of Michael Jackson, Balloon Boys and Tiger Woods
• Use regulatory power and the pulpit of the White House to control the internet, talk radio and cable news, to squash dissent
• Use regulatory power to prevent local energy resources from being used and create a fake energy crisis
• Treat terrorism like a police matter and give foreign terrorists the full legal benefits of an American citizen
• Wait for rampant unemployment, a weak dollar, high energy prices, a press with no teeth, and a serious terrorist attack, to declare an emergency, scuttle the Constitution and create a socialist totalitarian utopia…

Looks like we’re on the right path to create North Cuba!

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