Hot Photo Gallery of Tiger Wood’s Reported Mistresses

Look, this is not a hard news site and I don’t have a staff of one hundred reporters to keep up with all of Tiger Woods’ alleged flings. Frankly three more have come forward since I started compiling photos, so at this time the number is SIX! At this point it might be easier to make a gallery of chicks who DIDN’T sleep with Tiger, than those who did. In fact, if you have a vagina and Tiger didn’t hit on you, then you should be upset.

Let the Beefboy make a few observations. I’ve heard a lot of people who admire Tiger for his image and accomplishments (I’m one of them) who say this is no one’s business. I think it’s interesting that this is the first time I’ve heard these people complain about being in the middle of someone’s private business. If it’s okay to be in Britney Spears personal life, or Michael Jackson’s… then guess what?… it’s okay to be in Tiger’s too.

The bottom line is very simple Beefanatics. If Tiger had not been married he could have stuck his Fairway Wood in anyone he wanted- and more power to him! But instead, he chose to marry an outrageously hot Scandinavian super model and have a kid. I just can’t manage to feel sorry for someone who had that and felt that his marriage vows and the well-being of his child were secondary to his wiener.

I don’t care how much you like this guy or respect him for what he’s done. Cheating is cheating. Done and done.

Now, with all that said, Tiger’s rogues gallery is an impressive collection of hot-ass chicks! I wouldn’t be embarrassed if this crowd of honeys lined up to say they had slept with me! I imagine most guys would feel the same way.

These girls will all seek fame and fortune from this scandal. Out of all the girls, Rachel Uchitel and Jaimee Grubbs are well positioned to blow up. Grubbs in particular has some nude photos and a sex tape that the internet is waiting on. Only time will tell.

So, here’s the list of girls, in no particular order:

Rachel Uchitel
Jaimee Grubbs
Cori Rist
Kalika Moquin
Jamie Jungers
Mindy Lawton

Photos are below:

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