Nutsacks of the Moment: The Salahis

Party CrashingLast week, Michaele and Tareq Salahi went to a White House state dinner that they were not invited to. I waited a few days to comment on this because I wanted to see how it shook out before I made my opinion known. I think the verdict is in… they tried to get an invite, but when they didn’t, they went anyway, played party crashers and even met the President.

Yes, this is an indictment on the Secret Service and even the President himself for this breach in security. Obviously the President wasn’t in harm’s way from the Salahis but that’s beside the point. If they got in, so could someone with ill intent. Clearly, both the Secret Service and the President is embarrassed at their mistake, so they would like to see this story buried. I have a different request though.

Long before this incident, the Salahis have gained a reputation for attending events they were not invited to. They also are trying to get on some stupid fucking reality show about the housewives of D.C. The Salahis are serial narcissists. Fuck them. The Salahis are the Beefboy’s Nutsacks of the Moment!

I see absolutely no difference between the parents of the Balloon Boy and the Salahis. They both think the world owes them fame and they don’t care what laws they break, or whose lives they put in danger to achieve that fame. It’s fame at all costs and it must be punished. I want to see the Salahis get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and forced to do time in the worst jail we can find… in Bolivia.

Let’s give them the fame they seek and take photos and videos of them strolling into their jail cells and becoming some drug addict’s bitch! Then we can do a reality series showing all the other fucking publicity whores what happens when you do anything to be famous. In fact, let’s throw the Balloon Boy’s parents in there too!

Reality Jail! This spring on A&E!

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4 Responses to Nutsacks of the Moment: The Salahis

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  2. Danger says:

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking this for a few days, too. They’re fame seeking douchbags who believe that they won’t be punished for their actions. I’d like to slap them in their smiling douchey faces.

  3. disio says:

    ” salahis ” in filipino means, GAY, for confirmation asks a fluent in filipino language.

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