It’s Time for Obama to put his Man Panties On

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn on CNN

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn on CNN

Last weekend White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said, “Fox News operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party,” and “Let’s not pretend they’re a news network.” Last month Obama snubbed Fox News by giving interviews with every major news outlet, including Univision, but excluding Fox. No offense to Univision, but if you want to see a cheesy Spanish language game show, or a soccer match, Univision is unparalleled, but if you want some news Univision is not my first stop. No matter how you slice it, Obama has declared war on Fox News.

Let’s put aside, for a moment, that NBC has become a cheerleader for everything liberal, and MSNBC is proud to be a cocksucking crack whore for Obama. Let’s even accept Dunn’s self-serving and fallacious premise that Fox News is an arm of the Republican party. If you wanted to explain your side of the issues and win over the opposition, then you should seek out opportunities to debate with those who have a different opinion. An administration who campaigned on “openness” and “transparency” would want to face their opponents head-on, right? A real man certainly would.

Instead, President Obama allows surrogates and pundits to fight his battles for him. He hides behind public appearances where he reads speeches from a teleprompter and then answers screened questions by audiences stacked with friendly supporters. He schedules interviews with every media outlet except Fox News, despite the fact that Fox has double the ratings of other cable news networks.

The only conclusion possible is that President Obama is a bitch-boy… a sissy-slut… a man-waif… a lingerie-wearing-sex-in-the-city-watching-tofu-eating-lass-with-no-lady-lumps!

A real man, with the courage of his convictions, would march right into the Fox News offices, answer every question and beat down anyone who disagreed with his rock hard penis! Instead, Obama hides in the corner and lets Anita Dunn, and Robert Gibbs and Keith Olbermann stick up for him. Instead of just answering difficult questions, Obama chooses to whine like a little puppy and run to networks that will lob softballs at him all day, and kiss his ass, and skirt their responsibility to be the opposition to anyone who is in government.

It’s time for the most powerful man in the free world to start acting like it.

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