President Obama Admits that he Knows Less than The Beefboy

I recently noted that ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson knew less than the Beefboy because he was unaware of the story of the two activists who exposed ACORN, and didn’t follow-up when he heard that the 2010 Census dropped ACORN’s services and the Senate de-funded ACORN over the charges of corruption and felony activity.

On Sunday, during an interview on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, President Barack Obama, admitted that he was unaware that ACORN even received any government funding, despite the fact that ACORN’s funding was one of the many things that outraged the populace when he signed the stimulus bill! So, not only is our President saying that he knows less than The Beefboy, he also is saying that he doesn’t even know what’s in the stimulus bill he signed!!!

Is there any question why people are clogging town halls and the streets of Washington D.C. to complain about their leaders?

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