Nutsack of the Moment: Kanye West

taylor-swift-kanyeKanye West has always been kind of a Nutsack’s Nutsack- a real old-fashioned connoisseur of Nutsackology. But this latest stunt on the MTV Video Music Awards where he grabbed the microphone away from little Taylor Swift and humiliated her on stage, is a whole new low for Kanye.

First off, Kanye is shorter than Taylor Swift, I think she could have taken him… I’m just saying. Secondly, even if you think that Taylor Swift winning that award was unjustified, it’s not her fault! Only a Giga-Nutsack, would ruin Taylor Swift’s moment in front of that crowd and the world. Only a repulsive bottom-feeding egotistical shitball would insert himself into that acceptance speech.

Thanks Kanye West! You’ve lowered the bar on being a nutsack. Again.

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5 Responses to Nutsack of the Moment: Kanye West

  1. Danger says:

    I like Kanye’s music, but his public outbursts need to be stifled. Is he disruptive and ridiculous because he’s a public relations genius or just because his mama didn’t slap him in the mouth enough as a child? The former could be supported by the flood of media concerning Kanye today. It may all be negative coverage, but like they say, all press is good press. That said, I tend to believe the latter. He’s an idiot because the people in charge of him when he was younger let him believe that his opinion was paramount to the rest of the world. Congratulations, Kanye, on this award — an award for which no one will interrupt your acceptance speech.

    • TheBeefboy says:

      I think this was a case of too much party and not enough man. Less party, or more man, and this wouldn’t have happened.

      I’m a big proponent of the “all publicity is good publicity” idea, but I can’t imagine how this could be positive for anyone in his position. Then again, who knows? Some people may see him as a “bad boy” for standing up to a girl who weighs about 105 pounds.

  2. Shawn says:

    From the various stories I’ve been reading all day (cause I hate this douche bag) even his own posse thought it was a new low. Everyone surrounding his seat were expressing their disgust and eventually MTV officials asked the man to leave the event. I’m not sure if anyone in the world would see this “publicity” as beneficial. He later apologised to his blog. He didn’t call Miss Swift or send a card or even flowers. He apologised in his blog. “WHO GIVES A SHIT! Be a fuckin man and express your remorse to the individual slighted. Not from your computer, not in a drive-by, but face to face like a Goddam human being. Pathetic.

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