Bryan Singer Eyes New Battlestar Gallactica Film has reported that Universal hired Bryan Singer to do another re-boot of Battlestar Gallactica. Bryan Singer was just three months away from his version of Battlestar shortly before September 11th, 2001 and executives at Sci-fi (SyFy) were reluctant to launch a series that started with a devastating sneak attack. Now Universal wants Singer to produce and maybe direct his own version for the big screen.

I’m not sure where this idea came from but there are so many things wrong with this, particularly right now, that I’m not sure if I have the time to quantify all of them.

First off, the best version of Battlestar Gallactica just wrapped up. You’ll never top it, and you’ll never get close. Yes, fans of the original series were cheesed-off because it was not a faithful rendition of the original version… which is exactly why it was so much fucking better! Do you really want to resurrect a little boy running around a battleship with a fuzzy robot dog during a time of war? Do you really want episodes where Starbuck has a gun fight with a Cylon in a western town? Seriously?!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the original Battlestar Gallactica got it’s re-imagining… it was called Galactica 80 and it sucked Daggit balls! ‘Nuff said!

Next… speaking of sucking Daggit balls, Bryan Singer is the new Franchise Killer (Joel Schumacher, the director of Batman and Robin and Batman Forever was the original Franchise Killer)! Singer left a successful X-Men movie franchise series to create the new Superman franchise series AND DESTROYED THEM BOTH IN THE PROCESS! Singer’s brilliant “vision” of Superman was a cuckolded pansy who never threw a punch and couldn’t say the line “Truth, Justice and the American Way!” The Man of Steel was reduced to using his x-ray vision to watch Lois get boned by some random fucking nutsack!

Bryan, you can take your Superman and cram him right up your ass! I think turning an American icon into a gelding is tantamount to treason!

I’ve got a suggestion for Singer and everyone else at Universal… do Battlestar Gallactica, your wallet, and our sanity a favor, and let it go. I refuse to believe that the human race has come to a point in our history where we’ve used up all the good movie ideas. Find something new to do with your time and money. Come up with a NEW CONCEPT. Is that too much to ask? If you don’t have any new ideas, then step aside for the fucking throng of creative people who have something fresh to offer.

What happened to the man who produced and directed The Usual Suspects? Find THAT Bryan Singer, get a new concept and then you’ve got something to be excited about.

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6 Responses to Bryan Singer Eyes New Battlestar Gallactica Film

  1. Shawn says:

    Well, I think you know my position on the recent BSG series (sucked) but I digress. Though I wasn’t overwhelmed by “Superman Returns” I did enjoy the visual style and don’t believe that one movie can desend any director to the likes of Joel Schumacher. Fox destroyed Xmen not Singer. Fox continues to destroy Xmen and may destroy the likes of Deadpool though I hope they get the “Catwoman” vibe and start listening to the fans. I agree that this is not the right time for a BSG movie especially when Glen Larson wants to re-visit the classic style that he helped create in the 70′s. Though I would be excited to see that version more there would be a stern clash with the current audience and confusion over the inconsistencies between the modern and classic versions. I think Singer could do a great update to the classic BSG but I think the timing is poor.He could go the route of the “Razor” mini series…

    Oh and “Battlestar Galactica got it’s re-imagining… it was called Galactica 80″ are you jerking my chain?! That wasn’t a re-imagining it was a continuation, an attempt at watering down what could’ve turned out to be a successful SciFi show. After the backlash of the fans the studio tried to restart the show but at a lower cost so many cast members were cut, cheeper ones were hired and a new time slot with more resrictions was implace. Though Larson was on board (with the help of Donald Bellisario) the changes were too much for the core fan base. It was a continuation not a re-imagining (and yes it sucked except for one episode). In the words of the Beefboy “Dig It!

    • TheBeefboy says:

      Actually yes… I AM jerking your chain! In fact, I kept wondering how long it was going to take for you to respond to this post.

      “Galactica 80″ was a good example of why executives should not be allowed any opinion on anything that involved creative endeavors.

      Too expensive to shoot special effects in space? Put it on Earth. Too expensive to hire Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch? Just hire two boneheads who had blond and brown hair! Too expensive to hire good writers? Have the kids play baseball for an episode! “Battlestar Galactica” (the original) will always hold a special place in my heart, but “Galactica 80″ broke my heart. It also taught me a valuable lesson… no property is so sacred that some shitty creators, or even the original creators, can’t fuck it up.

      How about this? Let Galactica rest for five or ten years and Singer or anyone else can re-visit the property and I’ll give it a chance. Right now it just strikes me as being totally unnecessary.

      Tell me that you and I couldn’t sit down for a weekend and come up with something just as cool. There are far too many good ideas out there to go back to a franchise with a re-boot after a handful of months.

    • TheBeefboy says:

      Hey! I just watched one of my favorite episodes of the old series… The Hand of God…

  2. Shawn says:

    This was a great episode, unfortunately the last one. You could really see this show going somewhere. Damn network

  3. Triumphatism says:

    I totally agree.
    The new Battlestar was amazing. Exactly how a remake should be done.
    To remake it again, shows a total lack of imagination.
    I am fed up with film studios expecting a ready made audience by churning out remake after remake.
    A young film company somewhere will blow these dinosaurs away if they don’t keep up!

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