Jessica Alba: Nutsack of the Moment and Chick of the Moment

jessica_albaJessica Alba, why the fuck did you paste shark posters in downtown Oklahoma City? Are you aware that OKC is landlocked about 6000 miles away from the open sea? Are you aware that defacing billboards for one cause (the United Way) for your cause (dwindling shark population) destroys any sympathy you might have gained?

Also, the Beefboy must ask, why would you have your photo taken next to your crime and then blog about it? Jessica, do any of your decisions on that evening sound like something a sane adult would do?

For all of those reasons, Jessica Alba, you are the Beefboy’s Nutsack of the Moment.

One last note. If you weren’t a hot Hollywood celebrity, would the cops have let you off without a charge? I have to wonder what would happen if the Beefboy went and did the same exact stunt right now, what would happen.

As I said Jessica, you’re hot, so here’s some photos to demonstrate why we put up with your idiocy, which also makes you the Beefboy’s Chick of the Moment!

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One Response to Jessica Alba: Nutsack of the Moment and Chick of the Moment

  1. OMG Jessica Alba I love you and you are sooooooo beautiful and nice. You are like my ideal model i wish i could meet you that would be the best day of my life

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