Obama Changes His Mind

gitmoI’m giving President Obama props for having the courage to stand against the loony left and not release any more of the Iraq detention photos from Abu Ghraib. How old are those photos anyway? The people who crossed the line have been discovered and punished. The prison was shut down and re-opened under Iraqi authority. Those photos serve no purpose whatsoever, unless you want to endanger the life of soldiers who are serving over there right now!

Congratulations to President Obama for doing the difficult thing and standing against his party on this. However, while the President has stood in the way of releasing these photos, he did NOT issue an executive order which would have slammed this shut entirely. Only time will tell if this was merely a gesture or a solution.

The President also made the decision to allow Bush-era military tribunals to resume. Coupled with the fact that no one wants terrorists to be stored in their home state, and the fact that the Guantanamo Bay prison has tribunal facilities, makes closing down Gitmo more difficult, blatantly political and downright stupid.

See, once again, we are confronted with the reality of governing, versus campaign rhetoric. It sure is easy to call former President Bush an Evil Genius/Ignorant Cowboy, but when reality comes knocking, President Obama is rapidly adopting Bush policy to deal with terrorism. To his credit, Obama is changing his mind and leaving extreme left-wing organs to twitch in the wind.

The Beefboy is grabbing a large bag of microwave popcorn and sitting down to enjoy the Hypocrisy Show, as Obama supporters do Olympic-level contortions to justify why Bush policy was evil, but the same policy, under Obama, is enlightened and humane.

Gotcha, Nutsacks!

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