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45 Responses to cassie_venura_pussy_photo

  1. JD says:


  2. chloe says:


  3. ... says:

    Lickin before

  4. precious says:

    ahahaha hoe bitch slut..yea u nasty now Omarion dont like u anymore yea i saw him get interview on you tube he was really pist dude hahaha yea das all!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with this chic even if they werent for anyone to say why would she be so tupid and take theses pics. I mean dont get me wrong she is very hot but still no one likes a slut.

  6. Byrd says:

    I think she looks amazing! It’s good to know she’s human and has sexual desires as well…& I desrire her

  7. sexxx says:

    ahh. i feel like fukin that pussy sooo much. she looks so peng. her tight pussy is juicy!!

  8. denize says:

    WTF! Is this the new style now everybody showing off their pussy. Girl don’t you watch the news celebrities always get busted for these shit. Congratulations your officially a HOE!

  9. RIAH says:

    she gotta kat wound…it luks raw lk it hurt..shit all long sum1 ben hittn dhat a few times…..mayb diddy….TAKE DHAT, TAKE DHAT, TAKE DHAT..(DIDDY WHISPERS N HER EARS,,SOFTLY}…LMSAO..HA HA HA.

  10. xxx says:

    wow that pussy look pretty loose. she deff a slut

  11. its meeeee says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    i’d like to tap that rite there…

  13. Anonymous says:

    i’d like to suck that rite there…

  14. george says:

    What an idiot to take such a risk, if not done on purpose! What the heck is wrong with the celebrities, they all wanna be porn stars!

  15. george says:

    And the photo is like a third class sleezy porn, not pretty at all

  16. alex sanchez says:

    hi my name is alex i am 19 from providnce RI and i think thats cassie very sexy in this pictures and she can do anything she wants to do its her life and people should not be talk about her she is a humen been like us and if she wanted to do those pictures then people deal with it cuz i support her all the way u go cassie peace.

    • Anonymous says:

      poster said “u go cassie peace.”, yup she is a piece now….a piece of ass.. i would sit her up doggie style on the end of the bed and eat tat shit from the back while tounguing her phat ass..sorry, am i drooling??

  17. leti says:

    i’d fuckk her any time of the day! she’s make me so horny and i’m a woman. I’m about to go got my vibrated and masterbate

  18. Briana says:

    Sean Combs is a lucky man!

  19. robert says:

    i like the piercing in the pussy

  20. kellykellyfucker says:

    let it be tapped

  21. ioakim says:

    Nice and sweet must lick that before doin it

  22. vek da uno says:

    hatrs we all got pixs somewhere showin somebody,vek says sho dat sexxi shyt son.oh n ill tear dat uuup!!

  23. Kid Kidd says:

    Open up her legs the Filet Mingnon dat pussy if she let me in Ima own that pussy =]

  24. Anonymous says:

    mmm id love 2 lick n fuck her

  25. Mohawk says:

    So disgusting, well if they dont have singing talent I presume they might want to do porn in later life.

  26. osaka says:

    dat is fckin nice id fck her sooo hard , oh and dat guy at the bottom named mohawk is gay

  27. gregm says:

    Only one thing to do with that!! Bag it ….Tag it!! U pickin up what I’m puttin down?? B-Lo, Ny

  28. daddy 12 says:

    i will fuck the shit out of her just like that

  29. nobody says:

    u know what none of u people got the balls to finish that off iif i could magically apper in this picture cassie would be crippled from the neck down i would ripp her open

  30. henk says:

    you people are talking shit you know that , why is she a slut ??
    Because she took this pictures?
    they were sent to her boyfriend you fucking dumbasses he sees her naked all time as a matter of fact HE FUCKS HER

  31. hrt says:

    ima lick that pussy

  32. Sexwiz says:

    I would like to stick my dick up her pink pussy

  33. Sexwiz says:

    she is hot and ugly and slutty all in one

  34. catolina says:

    dat pussy do look loose lol! how many niggaz she done fucked?? lets be real somebody? although she is fukn sexy don’t hesitate to stated the pussy truth jaja!

  35. Dick Pleaser says:

    now dats wat u call a pussy eat dat shit out for break fest,lunch, and diner and even for a mid night snack but dat pearsing is so sexy ill hit all day and night

  36. Jorge says:

    Fuck what all those square as niggas say that pussy looks good i would fuck the shit out of her

  37. james says:

    i would fuck and lick that pussy 24/7

  38. james says:

    i would want to cum all over her pussy

  39. james says:

    i want to fuck her 24/7 and cum all over her pussy

  40. dante says:

    want to taste that slurpy pussy!!

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