Rihanna Nude Naked Photos

rihanna_nude_006I’m not sure what the origin of these photos are, or even if they are real, but the story is all over the net and here are the photos of Rihanna Nude.

Rap-Up.com reports that these pictures were taken at The London hotel in West Hollywood where Rihanna had stayed with Chris Brown. And all seven shots were taken in the same white bathroom and bedroom area.

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(Thanks to my buddy Rob for bringing these to me.)

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4 Responses to Rihanna Nude Naked Photos

  1. Mic Check 1 2 says:

    I think “whoever” this is she has a nice body and a really nice ass like damn but notice how the only pics that have her face in it are the head shots even the on where she is wearin a robe she covers her face with the phone hmmmmmmm come on now people Casandra Ventura (Cassie) shows her face in her pics so do the math i dont think it is her but its fun to image tho yall be safe dont rub it to hard youll get a rash hahahahaha

    • TheBeefboy says:

      Here’s what they are reporting elsewhere:

      “Whether these photos are of the star or not, her record label are not happy and have already sent a letter demanding the website removes the pictures immediately, claiming that the ‘unauthorised photos purported to be… Rihanna’ are a violation of ‘the artist’s rights’.”

      I’m not sure how you can claim that they are a violation of your rights, if they are not photos of you. That suggests to me that there is something here. Of course, I can’t say for sure either. Whoever is in the photos is hot!

  2. The Rock says:

    It’s HER, Nipple Ring in the mirror is her left breast. There’s some photo’s online showing a black see thru top with a pink skirt and it shows the nipple ring on her left breast!!!

  3. stranger says:

    Hey rhianna y covering your pussy i would LOVE 2 fuck u so come on its time 4 u and me to start making babies

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