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eliza_dushkuI’m way behind on this and shame on the Beefboy, but Dollhouse is seriously good, and there are a ton of rumors out there that FOX wants to cancel the show. If I have over four million hits a month, I should be pushing the good stuff and Dollhouse qualifies.

So, now that the first season of Dollhouse is nearly over and they are threatening cancellation, what can I do? I can show you at least one good reason that you should be tuning in weekly, and that’s Eliza Dushku! You may be familiar with her from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Tru Calling, or a few movie appearances, but in Dollhouse, she really shines! I think Dollhouse is a very smart and sexy sci-fi show that deals with some very serious issues of the mind, and privacy and ethics in science… but forget all of that and just look at these photos!!!

Eliza Dushku even posed nude in promotional photos for the show, and a recent magazine spread in Allure magazine. It’s easy to discount how good she is, and how good Dollhouse is, by focusing on how hot she is… but who cares? If I can bribe you to tune in, or sign an online campaign to keep the show around, then I’m certainly not above that!

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