The Couch Pirates Have Returned

flaglargeThe Beefboy Rants began on a site called “The Couch Pirates” about seven years ago. In early 2004, the Beefboy had so much stuff on there, it became obvious that I needed more space so I rolled off into the site you’re looking at now. However, the place where I cut my teeth… the place where me and all my friends hang out… the birthplace of the internet sensation, Rate This Chick… will always hold a special place in my heart.

And now it’s back, and better than ever! The old gang, Scott, Pump, Steve (and me) have been joined by new Couch Pirate Jake and those guys are putting out some amazing stuff. The new site platform allows them to update articles on their own, which means quicker content and more content. Plus, just like The Beefboy Rants, now you can join the fun by leaving your own comments and interacting directly with the Couch Pirates!

Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Zombie Movies and wry social commentary are still joined by the world famous Rate This Chick, but the Couch Pirates is more active than ever before! I can’t suggest this site more highly.

Please take a look around the Couch Pirates site. It’s time well spent.

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Dig it!
- The Beefboy

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