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I just attended a local Tea Party at the Capital building. I have no idea how many people were there, but it numbered in the thousands, and was even growing larger as I left (some of us have to go to work). You will undoubtedly be told the make-up and tone of these Tea Parties by people with counter agendas (and many of which were not even there), but I’m going to tell you how it REALLY was.

The people at this event looked like the same people who would attend an Independence Day celebration. All ages, creeds and colors were gathered to express their sincere but peaceful distress at how the government was spending our money and leveraging not only our future, but the future of our children. I’ve never seen so many American flags, state flags, and handmade signs in one place. People were happy to be a part of something important and feel empowered, maybe for the first time in their lives. There were a lot of hot chicks out there too!

Left wing pansies, government bureaucrats and their allies in old media are working hard today to craft a message that puts the Tea Parties and associated movements in a box that either minimizes, demonizes or deflects the power and the purpose of these gatherings. You can expect hardcore liberal organs and elitists to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. They are running scared.

To combat the Tea Parties, it’s important for them to not attack the group, but the individuals in the group, and make the participants feel ignorant or alone. For those of you, who joined the Beefboy at these protests, prepare to be called a racist, or an extremist. Prepare to be painted as crazy or dangerous. Prepare to be described as stupid, or a redneck, or a follower. They will take groups of several thousand and find the one person who is wearing a beer hat and a T-shirt that says, “Jesus Built My Hotrod” and pretend like he is representative of the entire group. I saw the group. They were everything from the poor to the wealthy, young and old, and all were ordinary hopeful people. They were the people who those in power have forgotten. They were the people with no lobbying groups. They were the Invisibles.

Make no mistake… the Tea Parties scare the shit out of the establishment. They are soiling their low-rise no-pleat designer pantaloons at the prospect of regular people getting together and expressing their displeasure at ALL of government. This is not about Republicans or Democrats and certainly not about any one person in power. This is about a government that has grown too big and too disconnected to We… The People.

The Tea Parties are comprised of the same people who the Beefboy speaks to daily. Be strong and don’t let the frightened elite smear your good name. We are correct, and we are legion. Together we can make a difference. The best of America is made up of the good men, women and children that I saw today. It’s those people that our Founding Fathers and predecessors fought and died for.

When the group broke out into a spontaneous chant of “Freedom!… Freedom!… Freedom!…” I’ve never been more proud to be an American. It felt like Thomas Jefferson gave the Beefboy a high five!

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