The TSA Were Raised by Wolves

tsaI’m going to give a brief disclaimer before I rip into the Transportation Security Agency. The Beefboy believes that the TSA does an important job keeping the airways safe, and probably performs what is mostly a thankless task, where mistakes are publicized and success is largely ignored. I get it. So, thank you for your service.

However, the Beefboy just took a trip and my checked luggage was opened both directions (I know this for a fact because the TSA left a flier informing me that there was an inspection). On both trips, the TSA unzipped pouches, opened containers and rifled through my stuff, then didn’t put anything back where they found it. I don’t have a problem with them checking my luggage because I like being safe on my flight, but didn’t the members of the TSA have mothers that told them to put things back the way they found them? I was very careful to pack my bag so everything would arrive intact. Instead I had shit all over the place. Simply zipping up and closing everything they unzipped and opened would have solved the problem. That’s the way their mom should have taught them.

Also, I’m worried about a more serious problem. I carry a shit-ton of vitamins with me. Both times my vitamin box was inspected. Now, correct me if I’m wrong (that’s okay… I’m not), but isn’t the TSA supposed to be singularly concerned with SAFETY? In what way are pills going to threaten the people on a flight? They won’t. The only reason you would check pills is if you’re looking for drugs.

Oops! The TSA is not supposed to be looking for drugs, they are supposed to be looking for bombs. Think back, if you will, to September 11, 2001, when the FBI was focused on a sting effort to arrest hookers in New Orleans. If the FBI had been trying to track down terrorists, instead of ogling hookers, then September 11th, would be just another day on the calendar. Similarly, if the TSA is worried about drugs, when they should be looking for bombs, then they are wasting time and resources chasing after something that they have no business worrying about.

If the TSA stops a terrorist attack, the Beefboy will be the first person to praise their work. Until then, they need to learn how to put things back the way they found them, and concentrate on the job they were tasked with in the first place!

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