pirategirl1Congratulations to the U.S. Navy SEALs who took care of our pirate problem with three concurrent head shots, thereby ending a five day standoff with sea thugs and freeing our ship captain. This is a feel good story all the way around and I think we need some acknowledgement of the good guys.

Captain Richard Phillips allowed himself to be taken hostage for the sake of his crew. That’s sacrifice and bravery in the face of danger Beefanatics! That’s the attributes of a true hero.

The U.S. Navy SEALs showed why they are the best in the world. Three dusk head shots, on two boats in choppy seas, all taken at the same time… if you don’t think that’s an amazing display of training and ability, then you’re probably a Somali pirate!

President Barack Obama deserves accolades for showing strength. He greenlit the kill, then let the victory moment pass without calling a press conference and taking undo credit. Simply, quietly, our new President sent a message to all the pirates out there that the United States is not to be messed with (and France did the same thing a few days earlier… good for them as well).

Now let’s talk a bit about the pirate problem. We have the combined navies of China, Russia, and NATO combing the seas around Somalia. Can you seriously tell the Beefboy that those forces are not adequate to stop a bunch of nutsacks with rifles in fishing boats? Want to solve the problem? Blockade the shores of Somalia and make sure that no one comes or goes without passing through the blockade. Scuttle every pirate ship we find. Kill or capture every pirate we come across. Negotiate with insurance companies to allow private cargo ships to carry small arms and have security forces aboard each vessel, without incurring additional insurance fees. And finally, let our navies do their job without worrying about some spilled blood of pirate scum!

Dig it!

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Dig it!
- The Beefboy

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