Playstation Palm

playstation-palmAs if we really needed another sign that we’ve become a fat lazy piece of shit, the Beefboy gives you… Playstation Palm. (I didn’t make this up, and it’s real.)

According to a February’s British Journal of Dermatology, Playstation Palm is caused from a combination of sweating, holding the controller too tight and stress from the video game itself. A 12 year old girl mentioned in the article had a rash that went away after abstaining from playing video games for ten days.

Now don’t get Me wrong, the Beef Boy spent plenty of hours playing video games as a kid and I still play games when I have the time. However, video games used to be very simple and after a while you would lose interest AND GO PLAY! Games are so complex and engrossing now that you could get locked into hours upon hours of play, extending into days, weeks or months.

That twelve year old girl is not old enough to know better, but her parents are! I think there’s a lot of great things that can come from playing video games, including stress relief, hand/eye coordination, problem solving skills and just having fun. But for fuck’s sake… if you’re creating new skin diseases, then you need to get another hobby… or your parents need to MAKE you get a new hobby.

Dig it!

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Dig it!
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