Rhona Mitra Nude Naked Photos


The Beefboy has been following the work of Rhona Mitra for a while, after all she was one of the original Lara Croft live models over a decade ago! She’s recently been in Doomsday and Underworld 3, but it is rumored that she will reprise her role of Lara Croft in the new live action film. Actually, I think she’s a better pick than Angelina… for one thing she’s British! Here’s some photos of Rhona Mitra and a clip from Secret Agent Man from many years ago.

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7 Responses to Rhona Mitra Nude Naked Photos

  1. Okidoll says:

    Frankly, I’ve always thought of her as the only Lara Croft. She’s gorgeous, athletic, sultry and has a voice like thick honey.

  2. Jedd says:

    I think Rhona Mitra is hot and exotic enough (as she mixed parentage). Plus, she has action heroine cred from a myriad of B-movies. She is my number one choice to play Lara should a new film be produced.

  3. I am much obliged to you!
    signature: http://tomb-raider-underworld.ru

  4. Rhona Mitra is Super Hot…
    I have to wonder if Bianca and Mick Jagger
    are really her grand parents?

  5. Bigdaddy says:

    ok i will help you a little go grab your copy of hollow man and check it out. that hot assed neighbor is rhona mitra and you get a GREAT topless scene with her fresh out of the shower.

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