Osama Bin Laden


Bladderless nutsack terrorist Osama bin Laden has been flapping his gums a lot lately (the second broadcast in a week was just released). Mind you, we haven’t actually SEEN that sissy bitch in over half a decade, and the real Osama may be getting butt fucked by Satan as we speak, but the real issue is that with everyone worried so much about bonuses at AIG and Michael Phelps smoking some weed, no one is watching what Osama and his buddies are doing.

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12 Responses to Osama Bin Laden

  1. Jesus Freak! says:

    Michael Phelps should not smoke marijuana because its illegal! Our boys will take care of Osama bin Hidin, we need to worry about what them kids are seeing on television. He’s a role modal for a bunch of children who will grow up thinking weed is COOL! and that’s something that God does not support.

    • TheBeefboy says:

      The problem is that athletes and actors shouldn’t be role models. We should revere artists, warriors and scientists! Let’s put Stephen Hawking on a Wheaties box!

      …and weed IS cool.

  2. ryan says:

    Well Satan might have to get rid of Saddam before he can butfuck Osama but I agree that people are not paying enough attention. They should be able to make a laser that could melt his face from space as well as sharks with lasers on their heads! =)

  3. Jesus Freak! says:

    Well, Stephen Hawking is not very attractive. I don’t know why he should be a role model. He never won the Olympics.

    • TheBeefboy says:

      That’s a good point! Stephen Hawking is definitely not hot. After all, our role models should be attractive like Ted Bundy and OJ Simpson. OJ didn’t win the Olympics, but he won a Heisman!

  4. Danger says:

    Hahahahaha. Burn.

  5. pump says:

    will someone get me some bacon already?

  6. TheBeefboy says:

    You can always get some bacon here, brother!

  7. Iconoclast says:

    Well Jesus freak!….Stephen may not be able to run a relay or take up fencing to win a gold. But academically he can run rings around damn near everyone else on the planet. and even those that arent on the planet. A role model shouldnt have to be someone who can run 100m in under 10 and still have just about enough in them to share an I.Q. with a fuckin snickers bar.
    As for Binbag Laden, he may hate the west so much, but he’s being kept alive on western medical technology…thats if he’s still alive.

    Great site btw Beef!

  8. jugar poker says:

    It’s good that Obama finally pays him some attention.. and not goes on like Bush saying that Bin Laden isn’t a priority.

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