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Originally Published: March 8, 2009


I’ve got this great new idea. Since the government is running amok and seems to have forgotten that they serve US, instead of the other way around, how about creating some sort of civilian entity that the government has to answer to? This entity would be totally separate from government and privately financed. This entity would effectively become a watchdog over government. 

My proposal is that the new entity would conduct interviews with officials in government and provide them to the public without bias. This entity would root out and discover governmental abuses, and lies, and excess. This new entity would inform the public about corruption and when government breaks the law. 

This entity would disseminate their information in newspapers, books, television, radio and on the internet, so everyone would have access to what they report. We might even want to get an amendment to the Constitution to protect that entity from wrongful prosecution so they could do their job without fear of retribution!

What? You say we already have that? It’s called The Press? That’s interesting…

It seems to me that this thing called The Press has abdicated its adversarial role to talk radio and people like the Beefboy on the internet. Instead they have taken on the role of being a cheerleader for the government, getting “tingling feelings” up their legs when politicians talk, overlooking important news for the sake of telling us about celebrities, burying news that doesn’t fit their politically correct agenda and feeding us news about things that don’t matter.

Until The Press decides to start challenging our leaders then we need someone besides the Beefboy to do their job!

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