It’s Not All Bad

Originally Published: March 17th, 2009


The Beefboy has been pretty hard on our new President (and will continue to call it as I see it), but last week Obama had two bright spots.

The first bright spot was lifting the federal ban on funding stem cell research. Republicans have linked this with abortion, and for some reason want to die on that hill. Let them. I’m glad to see a President with some common sense allow us to freely pursue research that could cure everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease to helping with brain injury and a whole host of other issues. The fact that we’ve lost precious years of research on this subject over politics and pandering by former President Bush enrages me.

Secondly, President Obama is showing (finally) that he has the stones to actually challenge his own party on something. His first big speech on education laid out a plan that supports increasing teacher’s pay based on student’s performance and expanding charter schools that show innovation in teaching our brightest students. Those proposals anger members of the Democrat party and particularly alienate the teacher’s unions who are against anything that demonstrates what kind of job they are doing.

In addition to the above proposals, Obama wants us to adopt world-class standards for students, reduce student drop-out rates and encourages at least one year of post higher education or technical classes with the goal of having the worlds most college graduates per capita by 2020. Mind you, this is a lot of policy with no specifics, but in general these are honorable goals and something I can sincerely get behind. 

The United States should offer the best education in the world. We can’t afford to let our children get out-schooled by other nations. I couldn’t agree more with President Obama on that. 

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