The Fantasy Interview

Originally Published: February 2, 2009

rollingstonebushThe January 22nd, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine has an illustration of President Bush on the cover with these exact words, “EXCLUSIVE! BUSH APOLOGIZES – The Farewell Interview We Wish He’s Give – By Matt Tiabbi”

I have some big problems with this mock interview. At best, this is a masturbatory exercise by Matt Tiabbi. I’m sure he wrote this “interview” with his boxers around his ankles and a bottle of lotion close by. Any pretense at journalistic integrity is officially dead and should be buried along with the Bush Presidency. The indignant nature that the press answers allegations of abject bias should be countered with this article and sound bites of NBC election coverage that includes, but is not limited to, Chris Mathews admitting that he “feels a tingle” go up his leg when he listens to Obama speak.

There’s enough disconnect between reality and fantasy regarding the general public and politics as it is. I had one woman come into my office, pick up the issue, say, “He’s not smiling now,” and walk out! It’s a fucking ILLUSTRATED COVER (above) for fucks sake! They could have made him green, or give him sticks for hair, OR MAKE HIM LOOK SAD! 

Furthermore, that co-worker is a good example of the general populace, who get their political news from Oprah and John Stewart and SNL. They are so fired up and confident about their opinions but it’s all based on half truths, bullshit and comedy. People don’t pay attention and they don’t get any more information than sound bites and the headline. If Rolling Stone has a forlorn Bush on the cover with the words “Bush Apologizes” most people will accept that as fact and go watch American Idol. And Rolling Stone KNOWS THAT!

A hundred years ago we had to deal with Yellow Journalism, which was the practice of running sensationalistic headlines in lieu of hard news. Now, we’ve got that, but it’s coupled with an exceptionally short attention span from a misinformed, ignorant and uninterested populace, and a tendency of the media to break everything into sound bites and presenting fantasy scenarios or comedy as real news. The Beefboy calls that Nano Journalism (trademark and copyright 2009 by the Beefboy) and it’s dangerous. 

So, to demonstrate the absurdity and power of Nano Journalism, the Beefboy is going to conduct a series of Interviews I Wish I’d Done. Stay Tuned.

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